Three part series on how to get your jeans to last longer First things First....Find the Right Fit

Nothing shortens the lifespan of a pair of jeans more than buying the wrong size. To get the perfect fit follow these tips to measure yourself correctly:


Waistline - Jeans is measured in inches, so when you read 26X32,that means that it is a 26 inch waist with a 32 inch leg length. To measure your waist, take a tape measure and measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist. This will sit above the hips and below the ribcage. (for women use this sizing chart to help you find the corresponding size for your waist measurement)


Hips- To get your hip measurement, measure the widest part of your body at the top of the legs. Even though your hip measurement may be larger than your waist measurement you will still find your size based on the waist measurement.  If a jean is lower rise we will account for that in the sizing.  If your waist measures at a 31 and your hips at a 38 you will still need a 31 even in a lower rise jean that sits on your hips.

Rise - This will be how far the jeans sit on the body, a low rise will sit directly on the hips, a high rise will sit directly on the waist line, where as a mid rise will hit between the two.  This measurement will vary given the size and style of the jean. To find the rise of a jean measure from the crotch to the waistband.

Inside leg - The leg length which you will see written on the tag, is the inside leg length, to measure this you need to measure the distance from your crotch to your ankle. Bear in mind that if you plan to wear heels or like your jeans to stack on your boots more you will need a longer leg length.





5 top tips for denim buying

Tip: If you want a bit of give, go for styles that have some stretch in them. This will help keep the shape after washing as well adding comfort.


Tip: When in doubt always go for the smaller size. This may seem daunting but denim can give up to two sizes and you’ll avoid that post wash baggy effect.


Tip: Trying for a more sliming effect? Go for darker washes or fading on the thighs to create a longer silhouette. Try to find curved seams around the thigh, specifically on flares and bootcuts, this gives a great slimming effect.


Tip: If you can do the jeans up then it’s a good fit, jeans always stretch so a little tightness at the beginning is not a bad thing.


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