Manic Mondays…. Sneak a peek at our new women’s jean

We have taken countless man-hours to perfect our next edition to the Kimes Ranch lineup.  We tested different styles of washes, different denims, different colors of stitching as well as countless number of measurements and modifications to make sure the fit is just right.  Then we put it on bodies of all different shapes and sizes and let them wear test it to see how it feels after a day at the ranch, or after they wash it a few hundred times.  Then when it finally makes it through the gamut we throw a victory party.  Not a dump Gatorade tubs on each other type of party, but more like a happy dance around the office party.  Today we are singing the praises of “Jolene… Jolene… Jooleeene… Jooollleeeennee” (In case you need a reminder of Dolly’s greatness you can check out this sweet number here Our newest Jean is named just that… THE JOLENE!! She is a beauty and we are super excited about her big reveal.
Just to give you a small teaser of what you’re in for here are a few pictures of Jolene going through production at our facility in California.








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