Cowboy Cold Weather Essentials

As fall comes to a close the importance of cold weather clothing becomes more and more evident. An obvious statement for those born in cold weather states, but dressing in layers is the key to success. Here’s a list of what I’ve deemed the “Cowboy” Cold Weather Essentials.

  1. The Base Layer: Long Johns, Thermals, Fleece Line Leggings or Tights (for the cow chicks). This is the key to keeping your core heat in and the cold weather out. Under Armor makes a great base layer (it’s on the more expense end of the spectrum but well worth the extra money.) Heavy socks fit here as well, check your local ski/snowboard shop for snow ready socks that won’t add too much bulk to your feet.

  1. Heavy denim jeans: Forget the flannel lined denim, go for a heavy “true” denim, meaning less spandex and fabrics you can’t pronounce and more tight woven cotton. Men try Kimes Ranch the Watson, Women go for the Betty!


  1. Sweatshirt or Sweater: Once again breathable fabric, cotton and wool are great choices for warmth. Check out the Zipped Hooded Jacket from Kimes Ranch with removable hood!
  1. Down vest or Wool vest: This will ensure that your core stays warm. Woolrich or Wyoming Trader vests are my recommendation here, they provide warmth without the bulk and are a classic ranch wardrobe staple. Down vests are a good choice as well but can get bulky under a coat, “Ralphie, I can’t put my arms down!”.
  1. Coat: This might be the most obvious item on the list but choosing the right coat can make or break your winter. Fleece lined-denim coats are a good choice if you aren’t expecting a snow/rain storm. Leather is a staple for a night on the town (Check out S-T-S Ranchwear by Stran and Jennifer Smith. Not your run-of-the-mill leather coats).

  1. Wildrag or scarf: Nobody likes a cold winter wind down their neck. Wildrags are A-MA-ZING! Silk is thin and breathable, while still holding in the heat and blocking the cold. Plus, they come in many sizes, colors and patterns. Ladies try an infinity scarf if wild rags aren’t your thing.
  1. Hat: It’s felt hat season! The majority of body heat escapes from your head, so top off your look with a hat of some kind. Just bought a new Felt and fearing the weather? Try a Stormy Kromer hat! The company is offering many new colors and patterns to fit your style. No more fighting over whose black woolie it is!
  1. Gloves: Dad always said, “the only thing you can do with gloves on is pee your pants”. Not to disagree but gloves are essential when it’s below zero temps. Keeping with the cowboy way, I recommend Cotton roping gloves or lined leather gloves. Either option will allow the use of your hands but keep them warm at the same time.

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-Paige Morgan

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