The Third Time’s the Charm

For college rodeo athletes, balancing tough classes and tough competition is an art. Kimes Ranch Brand Rep Colton Farquer has mastered life in the classroom and the arena. When I caught up with Farquer, he was on the road, somewhere between Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo’s campus and the Redding Pro Rodeo grounds.


Farquer is a junior at Cal Poly, majoring in Bio Resource and Agricultural Engineering. He also competes in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) on the Cal Poly Rodeo team. Recently, he won the West Coast region’s year end championship in the tie down roping event. He is now making his third trip to the College National Finals Rodeo. The goal this year is to come away with the national championship.


When asked what he has learned from the previous two trips, Farquer says, “Confidence in my plan and being relaxed. And,” he says with a chuckle,” Don’t break the barrier. Four clean runs is the goal, really.”


Practice is now in high gear. Farquer is roping more and entering amateur and professional rodeos to sharpen his competitive edge.


“My plan is to be really prepared,” says Farquer. “The first year, I feel like I wasn’t really prepared. It was a whirlwind of school and getting out there.” Farquer goes on to say, “Last year, I was more prepared and could perform better. I ended up placing in the top twelve.”


In addition to roping more Farquer is going back to the basics.


“I try to tie a lot on the ground. It’s simple, slow practices, working on my fundamentals, making sure I’m not making mistakes.”


But, when he backs into the box for round one, he will be counting on a thirteen year old Buckskin gelding he calls “Bucky.”


“I have the most faith in him,” Farquer says of the Buckskin, whose registered name is Sterling at Par. “He’s so solid. He scores outstanding. He runs really fast. He puts more effort into it than I do. He will never quit me (in the arena).”


In addition to his rock star horse, Farquer credits all his success to his faith in God, the support of his family, and the mentorship of Jerold and Leo Camarillo.


“My parents have supported me forever and Jerold and Leo are the reasons I’m even able to rope. They taught me everything about roping and horsemanship.”


He also dotes on his college rodeo coach, Ben Londo for helping him get to the next level in his roping and competing.


“They’ve all been such a big help. This is the support network that I’m lucky enough to be blessed with. “


Farquer’s dreams don’t end with a collegiate national championship.


“I want to rodeo full time and make the NFR,” he says. “I have set the goal to win the PRCA rookie of the year once I graduate.”


Farquer has been a brand rep for Kimes Ranch Apparel for a year and a half. He currently wears the “Chuck” jean.


“I like how comfortable they are,” Farquer exclaims. “For me, I’m tall and skinny so finding a pair of jeans that fit me is difficult. They fit so perfectly and they are so comfortable and durable it’s hard to take them off. I literally hate wearing any other kind of jeans.”


Farquer wears his Kimes jeans inside and outside the arena.


“They’re ranchy. They’re meant to look good, but be able to work in too. They’re cowboy. I think they are the most durable, best jeans I’ve ever worn.”


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RockN W Photography. Photos provided by Colton Farquer




June 1, 2016


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