5 Reasons to Love Horseshow Dads

I’ve seen a number of articles, shouting out to horseshow moms and all they do. I have even seen a few articles giving shout outs to horseshow parents and all that our parents do to support the horse crazed kid. I would like to specifically say a special thank you to horseshow dads and all the things they do for horseshow kids. Growing up, my dad started the horse craze with me and has continued to ride the roller coaster with me, never faltering by my side. He even took riding lessons to better himself, and in a way to show me that even an old dog can learn new tricks. Looking back, I never realized how lucky I was to have a dad so supportive of my adventures, and who still is.

Emotionally tough- Dads are typically good shoulders to cry on, but then teach us to dust ourselves off and literally climb back in the saddle.

Heavy lifting- To this day, I find things around my barn that I wish my dad was around to help lift! I end up lifting it on my own anyways, but some moral support would be nice!

Walking Fanny Packs-My dad always knew what I seemed to need. Whether it was the right brush for the job, or which grain to purchase for my aging mare, dad always had the right stuff. (Side note: I learned later, my dad would spend hours online researching these items to ensure that his little girl always had the right tool for the job).

Cheerleader- This is my favorite part of horse show dads. Whenever I would have a good run, or a clean pattern, my dad was always the one most proud of me. Mom would show it by hugs, and cheers, where my dads face would say it all; he was proud of his little girl.

Videographer- I cannot speak for the masses on this aspect, but my mom was the only one who could take a clear picture, while dad was the only one with enough focus to capture my entire class on video that didn’t make you sick to watch it.

Horseshow dads really do it all for us, they pick us up off the dirt and will lift us higher than anyone else. I hope everyone is as lucky as I am that my dad still fully supports the craze and will allow me to express my horse ups and downs with him. He has even learned enough over the years to ask the important questions! So next time your dad is watching your third riding lesson of the week, do something special for him to let him know how much you appreciate all he is doing for you.

This one is for you dad!

-Emily Bomgardner

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