Las Vegas Helldorado Days

Hello Everybody! 

I'm back again this week with a brand new RodeoChat blog post for you all. This weeks blog post is kind of bitter sweet. Not only is the PBR closing up the first half of there season this weekend, but what bull riding will I watch on CBS Sports Network every Sunday now? I guess I'll just have to go through my DVR every Sunday and watch old recorded PBR BFTS events! Isn't DVR wonderful? 

I'm always SUPER excited to see the PBR BFTS Last Cowboy Standing & The PBR Finals in Las Vegas. As you all may know, PBR has branched out in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, France etc. With that being said, during the Last Cowboy Standing event and the PBR finals you'll get the opportunity to see some of those guy's from other countries shine bright underneath the bright lights of Viva Las Vegas! This weekends PBR BFTS Series event " Last Cowboy Standing" will be held at Las Vegas Helldorado Days this year May 13th - 15th, 2016.

One guy in particular I'm looking forward to seeing return back to the PBR BFTS this weekend is Nathan Schaper. This past weekend Nathan had a big Canadian weekend in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan by going 3 for 4 at the Clunie Cooper PBR Touring Pro Division event. The Performance earned Nathan enough points to move back into the top 35 PBR world standings AND a trip to the Las Vegas, Nevada Helldorado Days! Below, I have posted a video from the Clunie Cooper PBR TPD event of Nathan Schaper on a bull named Monkey Nuts for 86 points. Video Credit - Ted Stovin

A couple other PBR Bull Riders that i'm also looking forward to see ride this weekend are Stetson Lawrence, Cody Heffernan, Kurt Shephard, and Fraser Babbington from New Zealand. 

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May the best bull rider win this weekend down the bull riding trail whether it's in Las Vegas or another state/country. 

Paige Gregory
Owner and Founder of RodeoChat
Cookeville, TN

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