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It's currently 11:09 PM on a Sunday night in Hardin, Montana. I love Sundays because not only is it fun but I get to be lazy and just be me while catching up on Rodeos and the bull riding industry. I take that back, I didn't get the chance to be lazy all day I had to run errands this morning, and get started on my new workout plan for this week. It's always good to get a head start on the new week, right? Haha. Here's what I took notes on from the rodeo and bull riding industry this week.

First things first, I'm a HUGE fan of outdoor bull riding's. It may be just me, but I think the atmosphere lights up and the energy is on a whole nother level. This past weekend, the PBR BFTS wrapped up it's first half of the season at Las Vegas, Nevada's Helldorado Days! There were 4 rounds, and out of the top 35 cowboys that competed this weekend only 1 Cowboy came out on top as the " Last Cowboy Standing ". 

One word, Brazilians. 

Round 4 is about to begin, and it's down to the last two bull riders from Brazil.

  1. Kaique Pacheco
  2. Eduardo Aparecido

Eduardo Aparecido is paired up with Asteroid and only lasts for 3.93 seconds.
Kaique Pacheco is paired up with Little Red Jacket and makes the crowd go wild for 88 seconds.

Your new 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada Helldorado Days Last Cowboy Standing is Kaique Pacheco. Check out the ride that took him to the #1 spot in the PBR BFTS world standings and led him to the title of " Last Cowboy Standing ". 

Check out how the rest of the PBR BFT'S Bull Riders did below: 

  1. Kaique Pacheco 920 Points
  2. ( TIE ) J.B. Mauney and Robson Palermo 125 Points
  3. Gage Gay 110 Points 
  4. Cooper Davis 95 Points 
  5. Eduardo Aparecido 87.5 Points 
  6. Jorge Validiviezo 75 Points 
  7. Lachlan Richardson 60 Points
  8. Fabiano Vieira 50 Points 
  9. Tyler Harr 40 Points 

One of the most talked about bulls on the PBR BFT series is Jared Allen's bull Air Time. One of the upcoming guy's on the PBR BFT series tour is Jess Lockwood. Jess and Air Time had the opportunity to shine bright together in Las Vegas but i'll let the video do the talking.. Check it out -- > 

Jess Lockwood didn't win that round, but the bull Air Time left the arena with a score of 47.5 and is leaving Vegas at the top of the bull list. I guess you could say the bull won that round, and secured the top spot on the PBR bucking bull standings!! 

With that being said, Let's talk some rodeo! This past weekend Rodeo Alaska had there rodeo queen pageant and my great friend 2016 Miss Rodeo Oregon Katie Schrock attended it and she just so happened to take over RodeoChat's snapchat channel to take you all behind the scenes! If you're not already and would like to join RodeoChat's snapchat channel here is the handle -- > rodeochat . The Miss Rodeo Alaska Rodeo Queen Pageant will only be up for 24 hours on our channel before it disappears forever. So don't miss out! 

Fun Fact: Just like Hawaii Rodeo Alaska is a stand alone event, and they do not have any PRCA rodeos as of today. Hopefully in the future PRCA will cross over into Alaska and maybe the PBR too. 

That's a wrap for this week's blog post! I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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