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This past weekend Kimes Ranch had their annual photo-shoot at the ranch, and what a shoot it was! For those who have never experienced what goes on behind a product shoot, I would equate it to a horse show. Early mornings, late nights and the ever famous “hurry up and wait.” It takes a village to get one perfect picture, just like it takes a village to get everything to come together on a horse.


Luckily Kimes Ranch has the best (we aren’t biased), location, clothes and of course models! One of those models was the beautiful Holly Favour. The Prescott, Arizona cowgirl won the modeling contest with 584 verified votes. I was lucky enough to get to know Holly over the duration of the shoot and not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she’s down-to-earth and well-spoken.


Holly was generous enough to answer my questions while on the road. If you haven’t already read it, you can find Holly’s modeling bio here.


You had the opportunity to model for Kimes Ranch after winning their contest. How did you get so many votes?


Honestly, I was surprised with the amount of votes I received.  The support I got from just my friends and family meant a lot to me but I was overwhelmed with how far that extended through to people from my hometown and especially the rodeo community. I think that just goes to show how tight knit the rodeo world is!  I am blessed that I have the people I do in my life that support me and reached out to encourage others to do the same; I think that's where it really helped me.


Tell us about your sales and merchandising background you mentioned in your bio.


My first sales experience was at a beauty apothecary boutique in Santa Ynez, CA, I started with sales then as I furthered my studies in fashion merchandising became interested in the visual merchandising end of things. That's a plus to working in a small boutique, you have to wear many hats, so I was able to gain experience in that. I then began to work in another women's designer clothing boutique in the area, which is now the boutique that my older sister Lindsay owns. Since she's taken over the business I help out whenever I can and have learned even more about the ins and outs of a small business especially sales and merchandising.


Your bio said you've dabbled in modeling before. Who have you modeled for?


Dabbled being the key word, haha.  When I first started working for Lady Bug Boutique I modeled for their online sales and have continued to model for their website, social media and promotions.  So far modeling hasn't been a main focus for me; my time and energy is being devoted to my horses. That's why I am excited about this opportunity because it allows me to pursue both at the same time!


Tell us about your experience as a model for Kimes.


It was an awesome experience I'm so lucky to have been a part of it.  I wasn't sure what exactly to expect going into it but it far exceeded any expectations I may have had.  Everyone was so welcoming and nice, it made for a very comfortable and fun environment which made my "job" that much easier.  I’m excited to see the result of the authenticity that the brand, their products and the nature of the shoot represented in the final photos. 



Do you have a new found respect for photographers and models?


Definitely, I have so much respect for everything and everyone it takes to carry out such a production.  There's so much that goes on behind the scenes that people don't always realize.  It is a team effort for sure and this was a great team to be a part of.  


The shoot had chickens and ponies generating the #JustTheRightAmountofOdd. What would you consider your "right amount of odd"?


Hmm, I'm sure there are lots of odd things about me that are "just the right amount of odd" so I don't realize they're odd, haha! One odd thing that I find myself doing over and over even though the outcome is always the same (I think that's basically the definition of crazy?!) is I hate wasting food so when I don't clean my plate I always get a to go box and take it home as if I might eat it later but I never do, ever! Yet somehow taking it home makes me feel better about wasting it. It makes no sense I know!


You've modeled all the jeans at the shoot. Which one is your favorite style and why?


I liked all their jeans. They all fit well and have all the qualities I need in jeans to fit my lifestyle.  My favorite for riding and rodeoing is the Jolene. I like the lower rise, it's the perfect amount of low, making it comfortable when riding around and the flare boot cut lays over my boots just how I like them to.  I like the Betty if I'm going to clean up and go out because of the classic clean look, the higher rise and slim leg make for a very sleek look you can pair with anything.


Describe your personal style.


There's not really one word that can sum up my style. There are two very different sides of me; my love of fashion and my love of horses and the rodeo lifestyle. So while I like to be up to date in the fashion world and consider myself pretty fashion forward, that's not always practical for the rough and tumble side of me.  A few things hold true for me despite which "world" I'm dressing for: less is more, sometimes simple is better and classy never goes out of style.


Did you attend college? What did you study?


I first attended Northern Arizona University (NAU) for Interior Design until I decided that I wanted to pursue rodeo more than what that was allowing me, since NAU didn't have a rodeo team.  From there I began online college where I studied fashion merchandising. 


Your bio said you're a professional barrel racer. How long have you had your card? What are your goals for the coming year?


I got my W.P.R.A. Permit right after I turned 18, I filled two permits over that summer winning the permit saddle for the A.W.P.R.A then got my card the following year in 2009.  My goals for this year are simply to make strides with the horses I have going now. I’m looking to finish and season them in hopes of them becoming top rodeo contenders so I can hit the rodeo trail harder with bigger goals in years to come. This year is all about laying the ground work for us; building as a team and helping them reach their full potential as athletes. Obviously I'd like to have some success in the arena as well. Picking up some checks along the way would just be an added bonus! 


Tell us a little about the horses you ride and the current lifestyle you lead.


I have three horses in my rig right now that I've been really focusing on. One is an eight year old cow bred gelding. He was a cutter until he was five then a calf horse and now onto barrels. He's extremely athletic and just a cool horse.  My other up and comer is a 7 year old mare that I got late last fall from a good friend, who raised and trained her. She's got all the makings to be a great rodeo horse. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.  The third horse I've got has a very bright future ahead of him as well. He is a four year old Dash Ta Fame out of a Special Effort mare that my sister pro rodeoed on and I high school rodeoed on. He's special to us for a lot of reasons and we'll futurity him next year.


Who are your current sponsors?


4 Flat Tack out of Livermore, CA is my only sponsor right now but of course I'm always looking for more opportunities and would love to add to that when I start hitting the rodeo trail harder.


If you’re interested in learning more about Holly Favour she can be found on Facebook ( and Instagram @HLFAVOUR.


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