As Seen on Yellowstone - Part 2

This season of Yellowstone was one for the books, and if you watched the season finale this past Sunday…we are all anxiously awaiting season 5.

If you’re not as familiar with the popular television show that has every one talking... here is a little refresher from our previous As Seen on Yellowstone blog.

“The Dutton’s have taken the world by storm. Based in modern day Montana, Yellowstone portrays the modern struggles ranchers face to survive in our ever-changing modern world. Whether you relate to the green ranch hands like Jimmy, the misunderstood son Kayce Dutton or the wiley ways of Beth Dutton, the cast and crew of Yellowstone truly touch everyone who watches them.

Produced by equine enthusiast Taylor Sheridan, many of the AQHA and NRHA viewers have seen some familiar faces (both equine and human). We have also seen some of the top NRHA professionals make their debuts in the show, such as our very own Matt Mills!”

This season we also saw other top professionals such as Bob Avila, Tracer Gilson and Corey Cushing. Another big name in music made a reappearance as well, the one and only Ryan Bingham who plays Walker.

We wanted to highlight a couple of the products you may have seen on Yellowstone this season. If you’re interested in seeing what products have been on past seasons of Yellowstone you can check that out here (

The Betty

You see Monica wearing the Betty throughout many scenes during this season. Here she is pictures with Floyd and Tate at cow camp.


To purchase:

Lola & Lola SoHo Fade

Teeter, the newest addition to the Bunkhouse Boys, along with the two barrels racers that find their way into the Bunkhouse beds are both seen wearing the Lola & Lola SoHo throughout the entire season.



To purchase Lola:

To purchase Lola Soho Fade:




To purchase any of our caps:


  • Jackie Rongstad

    I have been Searching for the red ranch (baseball) cap worn by Eden Brolin! Please tell me that I can purchase it!!!?? If you disco’d, need to bring it back please! So sharp!

  • Colin

    I cannot find the cap that Monica wore on the yellowstone show anywhere on the website. “The Betty” as it was shown… are they out of stock or that isnt actually the name?

  • Dani

    Same message as above regarding the red trucker hat worn by the barrel racer. I cant find it anywhere. Thanks!

  • Kristin Fox

    Any chance you’ll have the red trucker hat worn by girl in Yellowstone again

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