Kimes is in the Air

It is February and that means all the pinks and reds and hearts and all the love come out extra this month. For me I only like Valentine's Day because of all the yummy candy. But, that doesn't mean we can't share the love for our favorites! So, with that being said I want to share with you the products from Kimes that I love.

I am going to start with my all-time favorite pair of skinnies, the Bonnie Black. These babies are super comfy, can be dressed casual or dressed up. They are long enough for you ladies with long legs but can easily be cuffed for us short gals. And they don't only come in black but other colors and styles as well!


Next, I want to talk about the Jolene’s. These are a boot cut and I love to dress these up but they are also great for riding. The comfort in these is also just perfection and the fit is perfect for me because well, I have curves! lol These babies aren't super loose in my waist and fit my legs great.

Bonnie Black


Jolene Lola


I am also in love with my wider legged jeans-both the Jennifers and the Lolas. I like to dress up outfits with them but they are some of my fave go-to’s to rodeo in. They are a high enough rise to keep all of my shirts tucked in. I just can't even put into words how much I love both of these styles.

But Kimes doesn't only have jeans, they also have sweatshirts. And these puppies are to die for. I haven't found a softer, comfier or warmer sweatshirt. They also have long sleeve button-ups which are super fun for rodeos or a casual styled outfit. Their ball caps and t-shirts are perfect for those summer days of just hanging out having a drink soaking up some sunshine.


I could keep going on and on about all the products that Kimes has, but these are the ones that I love the most! So this month spread the love for family and friends and of course your favorite, most loved brand and products.

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