2020 Sponsorship Contest Winner: Francie Heffernan of California

We received a record breaking number of applications for our 6th Annual Kimes Ranch Sponsorship Contest. With entries coming in from all over the world, the Kimes Ranch team chose the 10 finalists, and then votes were opened up to the Kimes Ranch community. After 5 days and over 11,000 votes, 12 Year old Mary Francis “Francie” Heffernan of Fort Jones, California was chosen to be the newest number of the Kimes Ranch family.


An active member of the CHSRA, Francie competes at rodeos with her horse Martin. She and her family operate Five Marys Farms which focuses on ranching and promotion of the western lifestyle. Francie has goals to pursue her rodeo dreams while educating and inspiring other young people. “I had been a fan of Kimes before the contest since a lot of people that I look up to in the rodeo world wear Kimes Ranch. The thing I love most about the brand was how it is a family business similar to my family’s business.”


“Francie is a perfect representation of the lifestyle and ideals that we at Kimes Ranch hold dear,” says McKenzie Parkinson of Kimes Ranch. “Our yearly contest has proven a valuable avenue to meet and welcome unique and talented people to our team. Francie perfectly exemplifies a love for horses, ranching, and family-as well as embodies the youthful energy we try to bring to the western market.”


Kimes Ranch Jeans has multiple social media platforms to engage with customers. Heffernan found out about the contest through these platforms. She saw the contest opportunity and couldn’t pass it up. “I learned of the sponsorship contest when I saw an Instagram post on the Kimes Ranch page. I started looking at the past winners who were all so inspiring and thought I would take a chance at entering,” says Heffernan. “I am really looking forward to the support from the Kimes Ranch family and I am excited to represent them in 2020.”


Kimes Ranch. Superior Fit. Classic Style. Western Uncomplicated.

For more information on Kimes Ranch or to order, visit www.kimesranch.com.

To learn more about Francie Heffernan’s Family Farm click HERE.

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