NFR Recap: Kustomize Your Kimes

Las Vegas during the NFR has amazing events every year. But one of my all time favorites is the Kustomize Your Kimes event. This year was so fun and I am always grateful for a company to put something on like this that allows us ladies in the western industry to come together and get creative with Kimes apparel.

When we arrived we were sent up the elevator to their sweet in the MGM. When I walked in I got to pick out a tee and a pair of denim from some great options. Then we were told of all the fun ways we could get creative. There was bleaching, shredding, patches, stitching and painting. There were so many fun options it was hard to decide where to start. I chose to start with the shredding and boy let me tell ya it is hard at first to cut a great pair of denim but after that first one I went to town! It was so much fun getting to add my own personal touch to my pants.

I then got going on my tee, I made a few cuts and then went wild with the bleach! I am loving this bleach vibe that is everywhere right now. It's funny how you try at first to place your bleach where you want it but it just never seems to happen that way. Fortunately, the end product is still awesome. After that dried I did some stitching along the horns with some fun mustard colored thread. I loved my outcome.

The other ladies also had some great ideas as well. They did some sparkle paint with their bleach and it turned out so cool. Others cut their tees into tanks or made cuts so the tee tied perfectly. With their denim there was some bleaching and major shredding. while others did patches with sparkly paint.  And some creative gals stitched some fun designs into their jeans and boy was I amazed by all the outcomes.

This event was so fun, I already can't wait for next year. It was nice to take some time and do something different and exciting with some amazing people in the western industry. This event inspired me to be more creative with more of my clothes. And I hope that y'all reading this also get some inspiration to break out of your shell and be your selves through your fashion, even if that means making a few changes to a tee or some jeans.

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