What people REALLY think of Kimes Ranch Jeans

We promised as a company to keep open lines of communications with you, our customer. So when we set out to find out the honest truth about how our product looks, we were a little nervous about laying ourselves in front of the cavalry.  
We started by having 2 cowboys and two cowgirls bring in their regular riding jeans of another brand. No brand in particular just the jeans they had chosen to ride in that day.  We took a photo of them in their other jeans and then one in a pair of ours. These photos were then blown up and taken to a variety of locations in the Phoenix valley and shown to 50 men and 50 women ages 22 to 56.  Here is what we found:

Womens results based on the above pictures:
100% of men prefer Kimes Ranch Jeans over the other brands
82% of women prefer Kimes Ranch Jeans over the other brands
Overall 91% favored Kimes Ranch

Praise and criticism: 

  • age 22/ color is great, the look is cool. 
  • age 28/ Love the way it looks around the top area but the leg has to have more room. 
  • age 31/ I like the way it looks, it looks like a going out Jean.
  • age 42/ I like it, it looks like something I already have. 
  • Age 23/ I think it's really good, I like the shaping

Mens results based on the pictures above:
100% of women prefer our jeans over the other brands
70% of men prefer our jeans over the other brands
Overall 85% favored Kimes Ranch

Praise and Criticism: 

  • Age 23/ I think your guy jeans are cool, they look like they fit good and trendy.
  • Age 38/ I like your jeans, the only thing, I do however prefer my jeans to have more room on the top area for work, I already have a Jean I go to that's more fitted and I always pick that Jean. 
  • Age 28/ good looking jeans, I like yours on the women better for sure and I like the guys Jean because it's a better fit.

What we learned from the look test:
Overall both sexes like our jeans on the opposite sex!! Ladies get your man in that Watson so you can enjoy the view ;) The few women that did not like our jean better preferred a wider leg, but thought the Betty was flattering on the ladies behind.  Most of the men that did not like the Watson claimed it was for function not esthetic reasons. They felt that although it looked better, they needed more room for it to be something they would consider riding or working in.  On the flip side they would wear it as a “going out” jean.  

Even the criticisms were positive as we prepare the launch of new styles.  If one of your concerns has been mentioned here hold on to your horns because we have some great new jeans headed your way soon...

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