Manic Monday Part 2

Many of you asked questions after last weeks Manic Monday post,  I thought I would do a Part 2 as a follow up post. 

Read last weeks post here: A very manic Monday


I mentioned in last weeks post that we have new denim styles arriving this week to be given  a trial run.  What people keep asking is, how do you know what to produce next?


First of all, Mr. Kimes, myself and our team live and breath jeans.  I'm sure we are quite annoying to go to dinner with, because all we do is stare at rear ends all day.  We are obsessed with body types and denim and how they work together.  Nothing we create is without months or even years of thought.


But, a simpler version works something like this.  After we spend months analyzing different body types and denim and movement, we then take those thoughts and discuss them with our team.  We usually come up with a handful of ideas, and begin weighing the pros and cons. After we think we have come to an agreement, we call in more experts.  We consider anyone who rides all day in jeans everyday an expert.  They too know how it feels to be in a pair of jeans all day, either when it's hot as blazes outside, or freezing cold.  Their opinion is invaluable.


To get to the next style, we tend to focus on a current style.  For instance, let's take the Betty.  We break her down, from rise, leg width, boot opening, denim weight etc.  It is easier to dissect a jean and re create a new  product from that, than to come up with something from scratch.  We feel, that working on an already existing item, that we know so well, is the way to move on to another great item.


Following trends, learning about new textiles and working with the trend curve is challenging at times.  But, the goal is always the same.  To create a comfortable, fashion forward, classically simple product.







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