What I Took Home From Fallon Taylor


Six-time NFR Qualifier, 2014 World Champion barrel racer, was told she would never swing a leg over a horse let alone walk again. Fallon Taylor is an inspiration to people of all backgrounds. Recently, I had the privilege to attend Fallon Taylor’s Run Home Tour clinic in McAlister, Oklahoma and I can truly say it was a once in a lifetime experience. Fallon Taylor taught many things through out this clinic all from handling a shouldering horse to just gaining confidence in the arena, all of it being truly inspirational. I compiled a list of things I learned during this six-hour clinic and I hope that my readers can learn and be inspired by Fallon Taylor just as she inspired me.


  1. Progress is progress no matter how small. I went in to this clinic with one goal in mind; to gain speed on a horse I have been struggling with for a year. Fallon pushed me out of my comfort zone and I succeeded in my goal of gaining speed. Did my pattern look pretty? No. Did I gain speed? Yes. I made progress even if it was just 1%.


  1. Try to be 1% better everyday. No matter how big or small your goal, or if your goal is in or out of the arena just aim to be 1% better everyday. Remember progress is progress no matter how big or small.


  1. Don’t compare success. Your triumphs are just that YOUR TRIUMPHS. Celebrate yourself and how great YOU are doing. Don’t compare your success to someone else’s success.



  1. Surround your self with people who make you a better person. If you hangout with five negative people eventually you will become the sixth. Build your squad with people that have qualities you aspire to have, and that will lift you up and make you the best you that you can be.


  1. Compliment before you criticize. In the world of rodeo it’s so easy to find and point out flaws instead of finding the positive. When giving criticism (even if your criticizing your self) first try to find at least 3 compliments for every flaw. Fallon Taylor sees riders from all different backgrounds and at all different levels of riding and she makes sure she compliments them before she tells them what they need to work on. It makes taking criticism so much easier and makes you want to work harder to be just 1% better.


  1. Never Settle. The day after Fallon Taylor was crowned the 2014 World Champion Barrel Racer was one of the darkest days of her life. Her whole life she aspired to win that gold belt buckle and after she did, she didn’t know what to do anymore. So, she set more goals and pushed her self to be better. Even the best never stop trying to better them selves so why should we?



I left McAlister, Oklahoma that day feeling more inspired than I had ever been. I’ve set new goals for my self. From school to rodeo and everything in between I want to be the best I can be. If you have the chance to attend one of Fallon Taylor’s Run Home Tour clinics by all means do so. It might just be one of the best things you will ever do for your self.


With Love,


Colby’ Jane

July 3, 2017

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