Fourth Fashion

Sweet, sweet summertime.  The time of the year that is best spent outdoors, whether relaxing in the backyard with friends, watching Saturday morning slack or sipping something sweet on a beach somewhere.  Some how you've filled your schedule chalk full of things to do and places to see, and it doesn't phase you a bit!  And what better way to celebrate the season but with a little sparkle....BOOM, CRACK, BAM!  Saddle up folks, it's the fourth of July!  Undoubtedly one of the greatest (not to mention pretty darn fun) days that we're fortunate enough to celebrate here in the U.S. of A.  So while you're busy planning your backyard festivities and drinks to boot, I'm here to help you not only play the part, but dress for it too!  Sit back and relax while I show you some effortless ways to showcase your American pride, courtesy of Kimes Ranch Jeans.






Ladies, it doesn't get more American than this.  Featured is the Men's Weekly Vintage Tee in Red. (That's right, you heard me...MENS.)  What better way to capture that effortless look than in a slightly oversized tee and some good ol' denim shorts. My tip?  Don't be afraid to size up in your tees!  You can always add a fun hip belt or tie a small knot to give it a fun and all new fit.  (Tee: Men's Weekly Vintage Tee, Boots:Old Gringo Boots, Halter:@tootalloutlaw, Makeup/Lipsense:@_amyward, Photography:@tyra.drager)




Looking for a more casual and understated look?  Maybe you need something that can get you through a weekend of camping or a day behind the chutes.  In either case, why not give the American Rancher Tee a try!  Featured again is one of the Kimes Ranch Jeans Men's Tees.  (I'm telling you ladies, I'm on to something here.)  Paired with the Women's Betty jeans, you can easily show your American pride and play it cool in this all new design! (Tee: Men's American Rancher Tee, Jeans: Women's Betty Jeans, Makeup/Lipsense:@_amyward, Photography:@tyra.drager)




And finally, an outfit we can all appreciate!  A basic white v-neck tee, Kimes Ranch Jeans and some accessories you can choose to bring with you or leave at home.  Featured are the Kimes Bonnie Jeans and the American Trucker hat.  I love the simplicity of a white tee and the endless ways it can be styled!  I kept the American theme alive in this outfit by incorporating accessories filled with red, white and blue! (Top: Target, Jeans: Women's Bonnie Jeans, Boot Rugs: @bootrugs, Halter:@tootalloutlaw, Makeup/Lipsense:@_amyward, Photography:@tyra.drager)


Regardless of what you find yourself in for your fourth of July celebrations, I hope that we can all stand as one as we celebrate our freedom.  May we never forget those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so that we may call this wonderful place, "HOME".  Happy 4th!!!



Whitney Benton


Western Couture | @western couture


Photography by: Tyra Drager | @tyradrager

July 4, 2017


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