Tomorrow May Never Show Up

It’s that time of year again, resolution time. But let’s have a moment of honesty, what’s the success rate on New Year’s Resolutions? I’m going to take a wild stab and say pretty darn low. This is probably a personal fault of mine but I’ve stuck to very few resolutions I have made on January 1st. However, I will counter my previous statements with these words of wisdom from my 24-year-old self. Make a plan today and start right now. That’s how you stick to your guns, by not giving yourself the out. By starting tomorrow, you’re basically promising yourself to never start because let’s face it…tomorrow has never been and will never be promised to us. But right now? We have that moment, we have today. Today is when you start the journey, whether it be personal, professional or making new goals with our horses. Start that journey right now.


Here’s the prime example and inspiration for this late-night blog writing…after almost 3 months of life on the road, my horses and I are all out of shape heathens. Since I got home two weeks ago I told myself I’d take that run and make that ride tomorrow. Well everyone, tomorrow only showed up about 4 times out of 14 days I’ve been home. So, what did I do? I put my running shoes next to the dog’s leash where I am sure he won’t let me forget about them, and I loaded my truck and trailer to head to the arena bright and early. Why? Because it is going to be more of a pain to calm the dog down and unload the truck than it will be to just go for that run and ride the darn horses!


I’ll keep it short and sweet this week, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, and most importantly let’s bring 2017 in with a bang! Thank you everyone for reading, it has truly been an incredible year for me, and I hope 2017 brings even more greatness for us all!


How I resolve to spend 2017, with Annie (left, 36) and Ollie (right,7)


-Emily Bomgardner



January 1, 2017

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