Time to Talk Travel

I mentioned in my last blog that it’s summertime which means rodeo season is upon us. And for me that means a lot of traveling. In the last six months I have been to Las Vegas, Fort Worth and as I am writing this I am heading to Montana, to rope and have fun with my friends. These long trips can be boring but it is all what you make it. I am going to share the ins and outs about my travels. And hopefully you can relate!


First off before you even go anywhere you must have the best people to travel with. They help make the trip what it will be. For me I always make sure I have the people that will make me laugh and will always encourage me to do my best. My friends are the best and help to make sure we create memories along the way.


Snacks and something to drink are a must because how else do you drive 12 hours in the middle of nowhere. I for one actually love gas station snacks, they always have the best selection. My go to’s include Vitamin Water, Red Bull (the coconut flavor is the best), sunflower seeds, pretzels, granola bars, and of course something sweet.


And then before we go any farther in this talk, we have to bring up music. If you don't have good jams to scream at the top of your lungs with your girls is it even a road trip? I for one always like to make sure I can put on some good songs to help keep it interesting and of course put on a concert for those that pass us.


Lastly, it is inventible you will have real talks. Talks about that cute boy, about that one time you did something wild and crazy, or those memories you made on the last road trip. You will have so many laughs that your stomach hurts and that is a good road trip.


I hope that you were able to relate in some way to my rodeo road trip rituals. And I hope that this summer you and your friends will take lots of trips and make lots of memories. And please remember to always document the fun stuff, pictures, snap chats, videos however you choose its always good to have them to go back on and laugh hysterically at later.

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