The Real Life of A Cowgirl

The daring cowgirl is a typical daughter of a conservative father. She stands for style and grace, and is always just a little bit more. Her pretty skin and shiny hair has been kissed by the sun and danced in the winds of the west. She rides with an easy graceful swift, but when in a race she sits far up on her mount’s withers, with her head along her horse’s neck, being guided by her wild free soul.



The word cowgirl stands and defines more than just its word. The word calls up for a range of exciting imagery like a the reliant ranch woman who doctors and brands her own cattle – better than most cowboys, the cute flirty trick rider who pays her bills by entertaining crowds, the mother who spends every night and weekend running barrels or even, the team roping kind of gal who works hard in the practice pen to enter the rodeo and win.



But, cowgirl is a state of mind. She is a special American brand of girl who has a kind free spirit. The kind of cowgirl who ropes and grabs life head on like a mad momma Mexican cow. She may be weathered by bad friends and horrible relationships, but her light is never dull.  She lives by her own life, her own rules and her own dirt roads.  She works hard towards her large dreams and gives thanks to Mother Earth. She talks and learns from her horses and is constantly humbled and fascinated by nature.  She’s not concerned with today’s ways or all the gossiping. She challenges other’s opinions and always speaks the truth even when everyone else isn’t.



Cowgirls make no excuses. They take stands and speak up for what’s right and wrong. And, they always fight for what they love. A cowgirl can be anything – a rancher, a breakaway roper, a barrel racer, a trick roper, hairdresser, lawyer or actress.



Cowgirls are anything they want to be. They are concerned with what they leave in the arena and rather, what they walk away with – be it a lesson, a win or a new friend. How they represent themselves, what kind of person they are, how they make others feel and what they learn is what’s important to them. They’re about working with what they have and if they want more, working harder to earn it. Cowgirls style their own life, their own wardrobe and dress any way they please.



Cowgirls are about entering the barrel race on their old rope horse just because they love the sport. Taking the weekend to trade in their dusty boots for a glamorous pair of glittered stilettos.   Living in L.A. or down a dusty dirty road, juggling work, school and life. Grinding day and night to rake up money for bills, entry fees or accessories.



Cowgirls love the competition that fuels our fire and the overly confident, that knocks us on our ass.


Be humble but be your own type of cowgirl. Because as a cowgirl, we can be anyone we want to be.


By Amy C. Witt

June 8, 2017

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