Denim: The Forefront of Western Clothing


The word denim holds meaning to the western lifestyle. It’s a dependable fabric that makes up the jeans we wear daily. Jeans that can withstand hard labor all day and be used for a night on the town are vital. Whether you are on the back of a horse or strolling down the sidewalk, denim is a comfortable and stylish material for both men and women.



 Most people assume denim was created in the United States. This is not true. Denim was actually first made in France. While trying to reproduce cotton corduroy, weavers developed the twill weave fabric known as denim in the late 1700’s. That was cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. Warp threads were dyed in indigo while weft threads remained white. This created denim blue color on the one side and white on the other.


Denim traveled to the United States and became a hit as early as the 1850’s. The California Gold Rush during this time caught the attention of German immigrant Levi Strauss, who was busy visiting his brother in New York. Strauss traveled across the country and set up a company selling jeans. Denim was used as jeans worn on the range working cattle and in factories as overalls for employees. This fabric has been gender neutral since day one, which makes it more marketable. The denim industry has continued to grow over the last two centuries. Customers all across the country purchase denim of some kind daily. A great aspect of jeans in particular is the various types of cut and fit. The different cuts or style of jeans include bell bottom, straight leg, boot cut, skinny, flare, and more. The various fit of jeans includes high rise, mid-rise, low rise and a few others. There are also numerous washes to choose from. This fabric creates the essentials needed to maintain a happy and effective western lifestyle.



 In today’s society, denim is seen everywhere. Brands such as Wrangler, Cinch, and Levi’s dominate the western world. They are seen on team ropers, barrel racers, western pleasure trainers, and many more. Denim is also seen in the fashion world on the runway, and in the big cities. What will denim become in the future? The answer is uncertain, but it will surely be exciting to see just how much denim is covering the world.




Pictures Courtesy Of: Wikimedia commons and Courtney Hall



June 7, 2017

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