Tell me about Trucker Hats

When beating the summer heat, hydration and shade are two of the biggest keys to happiness. For those of us trying to avoid wrinkles and sunspots, sunscreen and hats are another important set of tools.


Despite all the articles down talking the trucker hat, I find it to be the best hat for beating the summer heat. Mesh backs are dual purpose, allowing ample air flow while still permitting a secure and comfortable fit. The snapback feature adjusts to a variety of head shapes and sizes.


In the past trucker hats were made with foam fronts, likely to keep costs down for the manufacturer. Thankfully the general trucker hat wearer/maker has opted to move away from the foam fronted trucker hats of yester year in favor of a classier, heavy duty twill front. The structure from twill helps keep your hat looking great far longer than the foam version.


Kimes Ranch recently released four trucker hat styles that are jumping off the shelves (and coincidentally into my closest). At a cool $25 they are my perfect pick for summer.




The green trucker hat features a circular patch logo on the front with “Kimes Ranch” and the brands home state of “Arizona” on it. This shade of green has been sneaking its way into several Kimes Ranch products and is my forecast for a hot summer color.






For all my ladies out there, have you checked out the hot pink trucker? It’s got black and hot pink a stunning combo to liven up the show grounds. The hot pink embroidered horns are a perfect pairing for the glitter hoodie.






My personal favorite is the black and white hat with the red KRJ patch. It’s been sold out on the site a few times already (get ‘em while they’re hot!). The contrasting of the black, white and red makes me giddy, it’s a sure fire hit for any closet.






Since the month of July is all about American pride, the Patriotic Trucker Hat has you covered. The flag is a perfect fit for all the BBQs, rodeos and campfires you are sure to be enjoying. I love the bright blue and the stylish placing of the Kimes Ranch horns in the flag. It’s a twist on a classic.


Be sure to rock your trucker hats on social media and tag Kimes Ranch. We love to see you wearing your horns! #KimesRanch


- Paige Morgan




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