Santana Nez

Last week I did a spotlight on Modeling Contest winner, Holly Favour this week I decided to highlight another one of the contestants and models, Santana Nez. You can read more about Santana here.


Photo credit: Santana Nez


You came in second place in the modeling competition and were able to come out to the shoot. Tell us how you got the number of votes you did, as the competition was so close.

I campaigned that whole week of voting via Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, calling/texting my entire phone book and emailed previous employers/co-workers. My friends and family helped me tremendously by sharing my efforts with all the people they know. 

Tell us about your experience as a model for Kimes Ranch Jeans. 

Modeling for Kimes was fun and heart-warming. The family/company that makes up Kimes Ranch are truly wonderful people to be around as well as work with. Their apparel is also welcoming and inviting, definitely something I would wear on the daily.

The models that were also involved are some great people to work with as well. I enjoyed getting to know everyone and understanding Kimes as a brand.

 I really enjoyed the fact that it was at their ranch. Something about the horses, cattle and that moist desert air that was relaxing and enjoyable.

What have you learned about Kimes Ranch (staff or products) that you think the world should know?


Photo credit: Santana Nez

The world should know that the Kimes Ranch staff is doing some big things. They are a genuine group of people with a great sense of style. 

Your bio said you dabble in equine photographer as a hobby. Tell me about that.

I do some western photography. By that I enjoy taking photos of things western, like cattle, horses, landscapes, and cowboy things. I was raised in that lifestyle.

The majority of my photos have been taken from my grandparents' ranch, which is where I have spent most of my time and call home. It is a beautiful place to call home. There are water-colored sunsets that soften the soul, horses that keep you whole and the cattle that are a blessing that never stops giving. I try to capture as many moments as I can and hope the camera can do it justice. It makes me happy to be able to freeze a moment and share it with others. We get so busy in life that things get overlooked and sometimes taken for granted; photography is my way of reminding myself to be thankful.

Currently, I am expanding my photography by visiting other areas for landscape photography and have been doing some family photos on occasion. 

My website is  or you can find my photography on my Facebook page


Photo credit: Santana Nez

How did it feel to be in front of the camera, instead of behind it?

At first being in front of the camera was a little nerve-racking but I got over it, especially since the photographer was so nice and provided helpful direction.

I have modeled before, for about 3 years now. I've modeled for some online clothing boutiques, helped photography students develop their portfolios as well as compiling my own small portfolio. I enjoy it. It's fun and gets my creativity levels going. 

The shoot had chickens and ponies generating the #JustTheRightAmountofOdd. What would you consider your "right amount of odd"?

I absolutely love spicy foods. I carry those little Tabasco bottles in my purse and crushed red pepper in my truck just in case there's not enough heat in my food.  

You've modeled all the jeans. Which one is your favorite style and why?

I really like the Betty. They are the “get some work done and take me out on the town”, go-to jeans. You can dress them up in boots, some heels and flip flops. They are the handy-man of jeans. 

Describe your personal style.

My personal style is along the lines of girly and cute when I can. I love lace or chiffon blouses with denim/skirts or some simple day dresses. Either one I can wear heels, sandals or my cowboy boots, I love options; it really depends on what’s on the to-do list that day. 

Did you attend college? What did you study?

I attended the University of Arizona and studied Animal Sciences. I didn't college rodeo but I did rodeo when I could. I competed in barrel racing and breakaway roping. 

Currently, I am applying for veterinary school, I would like to go the Vet school at the U of A, but I am open to going to wherever will accept me. I would like to be a Large Animal veterinarian with hopes of working with those animals raised for human consumption. I just would like to be as helpful as I can possibly be in the animal industry. 


Photo credit: Santana Nez

Tell us a little about your current lifestyle.

My day job is working as a veterinary technician at a small animal clinic in Tucson. I work there full-time. On my days off, I will drive back to my family's ranch, help out with the chores, checking cattle, exercising horses, being the cook, and just be with family. Right now it's calving season, so I've been going back any chance I can.

When I'm not doing any of those, I'll get some hours in working at my part-time job at the golf course, driving the beverage cart. I also do some dog-sitting for several people around town.

Now that the days have gotten longer, I've been working on bringing some horses from home to Tucson, so they can get conditioned and more time under the saddle. If you can't tell by now, I enjoy staying busy. I enjoy my jobs and being as helpful as possible and seize the day.    

How can the general public find you?

The general public can find me on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram (@snez1) and Model Mayhem as well as my photography pages.

- Paige Morgan
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