Reasons To Say Sorry

You should never have to apologize to anyone for not winning a class. When showing horses, winning is great but riding the horse you have to the best of its ability it winning in and of itself. You should apologize however, to your horse. This seems like an odd concept, but it goes outside the arena. We get caught up in the competition, and seeing what others are able to do with their horses. But we need to remember, to ride the horse that we have, and strive every day to improve on yesterday.


When you’ve had a bad day, we are probably all guilty of getting after our horses more than normal when we’ve had a bad day. Even though our horses the escape from the ‘real’ world, we take too much of the real world to the barn some days.


For not thanking those who helped you along that way. Whether it’s the stall cleaner, your parent, your trainer, or even a friend who helped get you into those skin-tight chaps. Remember to thank them, and apologize if you treated them poorly, after a bad ride.


Not supporting your fellow equestrians. So what you didn’t win the class be happy for those that did. You would want them cheering you on, if your name were announced behind champion, right?


Knowing when to say sorry, is part of good sportsmanship. Not to mention, being a decent human being to those around you. When we can’t always be the best version of ourselves like we strive to be, sorry can go a long way. However, never apologize for leaving it all in the ring, and working hard to achieve your dreams.


-Emily Bomgardner

June 7, 2016


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