NFR Recap: Rope For The Crown

Las Vegas in December is one of the biggest 10 days filled with hundreds of competitors all vying to be the best and 2019 was no different. It marks the second annual Rope for the Crown Finals held at the CORE Arena at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. This is a huge event that allows the best of the best breakaway ropers from all over the world to compete to try to be named the best roper. This year 75 ropers competed in three great rounds of fast times.




The night before the roping a back number ceremony was held to introduce each roper and present their back numbers. A calcutta was also held for those that wanted to take a chance on which roper would win. After all that Kimes threw an after party during the rodeo and also had live music from The Black Donnelly's Dublin. It was a fun night and got everyone excited for the roping the next day.

Each lady that competed was there representing their jackpot or rodeo association that they had won throughout the year. In the first round I know a lot of girls were feeling nerves and excitement but Arizonas Macy Fuller claimed the fast time and round win with a 2.8 second run. She was riding her horse Wick who had helped her secure her spot in the last chance roping the day before.


The second round did not disappoint at all. It actually got much faster! Texas A&M Commerce Rodeo team member Mia Manzanares was a blistering 2.2 seconds. That is a great run and actually ended up being the fastest of the whole roping. She took home the win in round two for sure. In the third and final round it again got super fast, these girls were not letting up. In the end for round three Kirby Eppert took home the win with a 2.3. She was there representing the Harmon Ranch Breakaway.


After three amazing round of roping the short round was held and only one girl could take home the average and the title of the best roper. And that girl was Sawyer Gilbert. She was 12.20 seconds on four head. She also took home the fast time for the short round go, with a 2.5 second run. Some of y'all may recognize that name and that is because Sawyer made the American Finals back in March. She really is an outstanding roper.


This roping is one of my favorites all year long and I hope it continues to grow and allows girls a chance to keep roping and growing the sport of breakaway. We thank all the sponsors and volunteers that helped to make this event happen. I hope to see y'all next year but until then happy roping!


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