New Years Resolutions

With the New Year upon us we are flooded with New Year, New You campaigns to make this our best year ever. I was interested to know if this rang true in the horse industry as well.  To see what horse-related resolutions we made for our horses and ourselves. I asked around the Kimes Ranch family to learn more about how those of us in the horse industry handle New Years resolutions.



Erin Taormino had this to say about her new years resolutions: “every year I set similar personal and career goals; take everything in stride, try not to get ahead of myself. Only worry about what I can control and focus on the moment, not what's coming up or not what has already happened. I try to concentrate on what is taking place at this exact moment and how I'm going to make it the best situation possible.” We all learn through our successes and our failures in life. Setting these resolutions help us to grow and learn. I asked Erin about how she learns from setting these goals for herself, Erin said “having these goals and practicing this thought process daily helps me in and out of the show pen. It teaches me to just slow down and let everything happen the way it is suppose to. It prevents me from trying to make things happen, especially in higher stress situations like the show pen.”


Sometimes it’s not about becoming a new person, it’s about staying true to yourself and letting that be your resolution.


Extreme Wylene has a resolution that is summed up in three words “humble, hardworking, honest”. She decided that she “wanted to set [herself] apart from other horse trainers/ riders. To surround [herself] around those who are positive, kind, and most of all successful in all areas of life”. Those three simple words that she strives to achieve every year have impacted her greatly. Wylene went on to note “my life has been worthwhile striving to do these three things. I am grateful to be surrounded by amazing individuals who make me reach higher..and dig deeper to set the bar high for those up and coming future horseman/ horsewoman.”


Another resolution that many horse and non-horse individuals make is to get involved in their communities.


Wade Spell set a specific goal for himself, to get more involved in the industry. He plans to do this “through breed association committees, conventions and volunteering time with up and coming shows”. I think this is extremely important for riders, trainers and owners alike to get involved in the industry and keep the shows fresh and timely. Wade went on to say this about resolutions: “it's an ever-evolving resolution as the industry continues to change.”


January 12, 2016


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