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First up on our new blog series is Travis Rempel. Rempel owns TR Performance Horses located in Abbotsford, BC Canada. TR Performance Horses began in 2012 and focuses on cutting horses, while also training reined cowhorses and reining horses.


“I started out riding reined cowhorses and reiners and at one point I was doing all three disciplines,” said Rempel. “I have earned money in the NRHA, NRCHA and NCHA. I started my business in 2012 and I was training reined cowhorses and reiners. Then I shifted towards the cutting. Now my program is 90% cutting horses.”


Rempel worked under the guidance of well-established trainers before going off on his own. Having strong mentors is very important to him. He is grateful for the support he has from the industry.


“I worked for Canadian Hall of Fame cutting horse trainer Les Timmons, as well as Cayley Wilson,” Rempel said. “I then worked for Bob Avila for two years before opening my own business. Cayley Wilson has always really been there for me. He’s a friend and a mentor. He lives down the road and has been a big help. All my friends that train have always been there to bounce ideas off and support one another. If I had to write everyone’s name down that has helped me, it would be a very long list.”


Having a career as a horse trainer is exhausting. The work days are long, money can get tight easily and there is a huge physical labor portion. Rempel experiences these challenges every day, but he still absolutely loves his job.


“This industry doesn’t pay great and it consists of long days and little sleep,” Rempel said. “Not over working staff is always a challenge. Managing your costs and keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently can also be a challenge. On the flip side, I get to do something I love and get paid to do it. At the end of the day, I’m pretty fortunate to be able to do this.”



Even though he is located in Canada, Rempel regularly attends shows in the United States. Canada also has fantastic shows to offer and he competes at those major events every year.



“I show a lot in Washington and Idaho, but there is a bunch of really good Canadian shows,” Rempel said. “There are two shows a year in Ponoka, AB that are great. We also go to the Calgary Stampede for the summer and fall cuttings, as well as the Canadian Supreme. Last year I showed at the NCHA Futurity in Fort Worth for the first time and made the Finals on a catch ride, so I plan on going back there every year.”


We want to wish the TR Performance Horses Team the best of luck this year and hope to see them at the NCHA Futurity later this year! For more information on Travis Rempel see the links below.


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