Kimes Ranch Takes on Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is here, and here at Kimes Ranch we know exactly what fashion trends to look for. Our signature denim isn’t the only thing that will turn heads. While Kimes Ranch jeans are a must for any outfit, the accessories that go with them leave room for creativity. Here are some of our favorite trends to incorporate into your Stampede wardrobe.


Bring on the Fringe

If there’s one thing that remains a western fashion staple, it’s fringe. From handbags and shoes to jackets and vests, some simple fringe will add just the right amount of flare to any outfit.



Turquoise Tie-ins


It’s hard to go wrong with anything turquoise. This is especially true of turquoise jewelry. Even the smallest addition will bring the perfect pop of color to your outfit.



Customize with Conchos

This vibrant Kimes Ranch Tee gets even more exciting with the addition of a concho belt. While this belt won’t do much good in holding up a pair of pants, it is the perfect accessory to customize your outfit to fit your unique style.



Wild About Wild Rags

Classic wild rags are making a comeback in many different ways. No matter how you choose to wear it, a wild rag is the perfect add-on to give your outfit even more western style.


Handbag Essentials

The amount of time spent at Stampede makes handbags a necessity. However, these bags are more than just a carrying case. Whether they are leather, hand-tooled, covered in fringe, or just plain and simple, a handbag can bring an entire outfit together.



Perfect Patterns

While accessories are great, sometimes the clothing can do all of the talking. To keep an outfit simple but still effective, we recommend bright patterns. Whether it be stripes, serape, Aztec, or another unique print, a simple outfit with a bold design will bring just the right amount of attention without the extra work.


No matter what your favorite trends consist of, Calgary Stampede is going to be filled with western style in all of its many forms. We are excited to see some of our top picks and hopefully learn about even newer trends in the industry. We hope to see you there!


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