Manic Mondays - Working with our Photographer

Antonija Klotz is a long time friend of mine from my years in the fashion industry.  We used to work together as booking agents at a modeling agency long before I chose to go back to school for my MBA and she decided to focus solely on her photography.  Later when working through the re-branding process with Matt and Amanda my immediate feeling was that she would be a great fit for the brand and the right person to capture the essence of Kimes Ranch. Antonija specializes in lifestyle photography and has an undeniable talent for capturing real moments.  You will often find her setting up a shot and then turning to photograph the onlookers to find the most natural moments. 
In March she ventured down from Canada to do a shoot at the ranch.  The results of which are displayed on every page of this web page.  She worked tirelessly over three days to take in what the ranch offered and capture that for our customers.  The pictures were nothing less than brilliant. The relationship, as I thought it would be, was the perfect fit.
We now send new product up to Antonija to have her shoot it for us so that we keep consistency on the site.  We want to deliver what you expect from us and that level of quality comes from our creative photographer.  (which we should probably not be telling you about) As we prepare our new jean styles to hit the sales floor we first have to send our finished samples up to Canada to be shot for the website and possibly for a little video peak like she did here with the Betty and the Watson.  Our hope is that we time everything right so that Antonija finishes shooting just as our jeans are ready to ship.  We are getting excited to show you what we have in the works!

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