Man Mondays....An Introduction To Our New Blogger Paige Gregory From Rodeochatic

Paige is an exciting new addition to the Kimes Ranch family she is going to be our wednesday contributor keeping us informed about everything rodeo:


Far from normal. The craziest risk taker you'll ever meet. You can find me on that Gypsy trail after a dream

I'm 23 years old, and I have been through the craziest and wildest things in my life! But, i'm truly blessed.

You see.. My mother, and Grandma raised me and my younger sister in Oregon. I was raised up by a single parent, and one of the hardest workers in my opinion. My mother taught me about tractors, how to fix them when they break and heavy operating equipment along with recycling. My mother raised me up on Indian rodeos and wild horse sanctuaries in Montana and Wyoming along with heavy metal music. Somewhere along the trail I fell in love with animals, and decided I wanted to take every animal home with me that I saw. With that being said.. My mother took me to some of the wickedest sanctuaries in the world! I'm talking big cat sanctuaries in Oregon, and Elephant sanctuaries along with aquariums on the Oregon coast! I have so much respect for my mom, and how hard she worked so me and my sister could live an amazing healthy life. My mom, and Grandma did everything for me and my sister including helping us in our dreams!


My Grandma is one of my biggest fans! My grandma is a retired barrel racer, and a retired horse racer and a GREAT business woman! My grandma, had the pleasure to rodeo with some amazing rodeo legends in her day such as Larry Mahan, Lane Frost, Jim Shoulders and Chris LeDoux just to name a few. My grandma now owns her own business called Liz Gregory Talent And Productions out of Nashville, TN and producing shows all over the world! I have had the privilege to travel too some amazing places with my Grandma and i'v met some amazing people along the way, for example: George Jones, Randy Travis, Vern Gosdin, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Sara Evans just to name a few. My grandma taught me about being an amazing business woman and not to be afraid to chase my dreams and take risks! That being said..


I'm the owner and founder of the very first official RodeoChat on Twitter. RodeoChat, is basically your one stop shop for everything rodeo/bull riding related 24/7 365 days a year. We cover from the states to other countries outside of the states such as Brazil, France, Hawaii and Australia. RodeoChat, has been featured at rodeos in New York, Colorado, Oregon, Calgary Stampede, National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas just to name a few. RodeoChat has been featured in 6 books, and been on several radio shows to do radio interviews. Not to mention, I helped host a radio show in Australia and Florida covering the rodeo/bull riding industry and talking about the country music industry as well. I just started a NEW series on RodeoChat called the "Ones To Watch For" blog series and in that series we will shine the light on an upcoming rodeo cowboy or cowgirl. I'm pretty excited to start this new project, and I'v been getting a lot of messages from fans to start a project like this! So here goes a risk, and to making some headlines with all of my RodeoChat fans!


Last but not least, I had the privilege to travel to Thailand and work at a Elephant Sanctuary and help out with all of the sick Elephants and learn about so many exotic animals that I have never heard of before in my life.That inspired me to open up a sanctuary of my own with equine, exotic, and marine life. I'v worked at so many animal sanctuaries in my life, and I believe that the people at Sanctuaries are some of the hardest workers in the world. Why? Because, they are literally on the clock 24/7 and they have to know about the animals their working with like the back of their hand. One more thing, it's a risk and i'm a crazy risk taker! When your passionate about something you'll give it your all.


My trail is pretty unique. I took online classes down the trail through volunteer state community college, and google.

I'm 23 with a business degree, and i'm getting ready to start my second business. Not to mention, I'm getting ready to head too Alaska for my very first time for 3 weeks to do media at a rodeo and to check out all of the amazing entertainment! I still can't believe i'm only 23 and I have already experienced so much at such a young age! I can't wait to see what the rest of my years has in store for me! I can say that god has truly blessed me with an amazing life.


I took risks to chase my dreams and it's led me to success and road blocks! But, i'm still shining bright..

Keep on Chasing your dreams until your heart breaks.


Paige Gregory


Nashville, TN




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