Let's Get Graphic

Let's take a second and talk about a fad that isn't going anywhere and that is graphic tees. They are a huge market for men and woman all over the country. You can dress them up, dress them down, just so many dang options you can't go wrong. So how do you style your graphic tees? For me they are literally a staple in my closet and something I can't go anywhere without. And that is not an exaggeration!


My favorite style option is of course with a cute pair of jeans. So casual and comfy. You can look fly when riding your horse or have all eyes on you when you walk into the party. It's just that simple and I love the simple life. I am all about easy outfit changes and comfort.


Then there's always the option to work out in them. I love that I can just walk by the mirror, read it and get all the good vibes to push myself to reach my goals. And honestly what more could you ask for, your own personal motivational speaker right there on your body reminding you to "run faster so you can have that donut later" lol


We can't forget about those creative wonders that do all the fun stuff with their tees. Some do their own distressing or style it with the perfect jacket and jewelry, or they add their own signature to a tee that they can only pull off. These people are my idols and I want them to teach me their ways!



Over all there really is no wrong way to do it as long as you're comfortable and your personality shines through. I always love scrolling through social media and getting all the feels from everyone's own way of styling their tees. Don't be afraid to take others style and put your own spin on it, it may just turn out to be your new fave outfit.




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