Kimes Ranch Gives Back

Here at Kimes Ranch, we are all about pride. We are proud to be an American company and we are proud of our deep connections to the equestrian world. This is why we decided to donate 50% of all of our American Rancher Trucker Cap proceeds to the Bravehearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center. This promotion started on June 4thand will run until July 4th, 2019. Purchases must come from Kimes Ranch to qualify. 


The Bravehearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center is located in Harvard and Poplar Grove, Illinois. It is the largest equine-based program in the nation for military veterans, allowing for the healing power of a horse to work its magic on those in need. Veterans and one of their family members/caregivers gain this experience at no cost. This experience includes riding, ground activities, and the chance to work with mustangs. 


Operation Mustang is a unique service that Bravehearts offers to veterans. This service brings a wild mustang and a struggling veteran together to bond and find peace with one another in order to survive the new world that they are living in. Both the mustang and veteran are learning to adjust to a world that no longer seems to fit and they must figure out how to adapt to such a situation. The Bravehearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center has found that this adaptation happens much more smoothly when the horse and rider are together throughout the journey. 


The services offered by Bravehearts are not singular to veterans. The facility offers therapy services and therapeutic riding to both children and adults. The use of hippotherapy is therapy that uses the movement of a horse. This form of therapy is prescribed by physicians for many different reasons and has shown to be an effective option. As for therapeutic riding, PATH International certified instructors teach both horsemanship and riding skills to patients with varying needs. Each form of therapy used by Bravehearts is unique to the rider and allows for clear growth in many different ways. 


Every aspect of the Bravehearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center aligns with Kimes Ranch’s firm belief in the equestrian world’s ability to help others. Through the simple purchase of a hat, the mission of this unique operation can gain your support and the support of Kimes Ranch as a whole. Visit our website to purchase the American Rancher Trucker hat and give back to the Bravehearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center from now until July 4th, 2019. 


Halle Morrell

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