Let Er' Buck



very year during the second weekend of September the track around the grass field is worked up, the pvc fence is put up, and the cattle, horses, and cowboys and cowgirls start rolling in. It's that time of year again to Let ‘er Buck!! Besides the fun and unique rodeo that takes place on the grass, it's one of the best places to witness western fashion. I was fortunate enough to be in Pendleton for a whole week this year and I got to see all the different styles and unique pieces that were showcased this year.


To start with I think the favorite thing of the week that I got to see where all of the gorgeous and one of a kind turquoise pieces that were worn this year. They really make a statement and complete and outfit no matter how simple or wild it is. And if you were on hunt for that unique piece you could walk through the Indian Tribe Market and find it. 


My next favorite item for the week that I saw were the fun tooled leather pieces that were strutted down the sidewalks and through the stands. There were belts, wristlets, cuffs, hair ties, earrings, purses and so many others. Tooled leather is something I think fit perfectly in with the Pendleton rodeo theme.


Something that was super fitting for this wild rodeo were the wild rags! These days girls are getting super creative with them and are showing us that they can be worn so many different ways. In the hair, tied to purses, as belts and of course as traditional-around the neck. Loving all of the creativity they brought. 

Fashion doesn't always have to be clothing, right? I saw lots of creative and fun hair styles.  Braids, buns, and curls were just a few that were seen regularly. I have lots of hair and I will be trying out a bunch of the ones I saw.

Over all the fashion at this year’s Pendleton was simple and classy, yet fun and unique. I noticed simple clothing pieces paired with wild, fun, and unique accents on each and every outfit. I fell in love with so many outfits; I wish they could've all made it into my closet! 


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