Late nights, and early Texas mornings

In September of 2014, I came down to Texas to visit my younger sister in the Air Force. My sister, showed me around San Antonio and took me to a lot of the hot spots that I had kind of already seen before but refreshed my memory. Ever since, I have always wanted to move to Texas. But, I had never really worked hard at it until after the 2014 NFR! I had a goal set that I wanted to move to Texas in July, and begin working my dream job. Here I am today May 18th, 2015 in Mesquite, TX working for the Mesquite, TX PRCA Rodeo! Is this real life? Lol. Who knew that the goals I was setting today.. Would lead me to my dreams that quick? Just as the saying goes.. If you're willing to work REALLY hard towards your goals. Be ready, for your dreams to happen sooner then you think!


My first week in Texas has come and gone. I'll never forget my first in Texas! It's something that I'll cherish forever. During my first week in Texas at Mesquite Rodeo Arena I learned lots, and gained new friendships with my co-workers and guests that came to visit the arena! First day on the job I had the opportunity to meet Rusty Rice! Rusty Rice, was in the film "Pure Country"! Remember that movie?

I'm starting my second week, at Mesquite Rodeo and I'm loving my job even more! This week, I will begin to write press releases, work in sales, and begin planning a media day for June 3rd to help build up the hype for the Mesquite Rodeo June 5th-August 29th! If you are in the area, and wanting to learn more about the Mesquite Rodeo and meet the new Mesquite Rodeo Team. Feel free, to stop by and see us! All the info, can be found here on the website:

Thank you to everyone that has sent me sweet messages, and comments about my new journey! I really do appreciate the kind words, and I will cherish those messages and comments forever as this was a HUGE step I took! That about wraps up this weeks RodeoChat blog post. Next week, I'll have some more exciting news to share with you all! Until next time...

Paige Gregory
Owner and Founder of RodeoChat
Cookeville, TN


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