Kimes Ranch opens showroom at Dallas Market

Kimes Ranch is proud to announce that they will be opening their showroom at the WESA Dallas Market January 14, 2021 through January 17, 2021. Since 1922, WESA has been the go-to event for all manufacturers looking to share their new products with retailers across the nation. This is the first year that Dallas, Texas has hosted the Western and English Sales Association tradeshow!


This new showroom will feature the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 collection from Kimes Ranch Jeans. Kimes Ranch jeans is set to launch five new styles in 2021, there will be 3 new women’s styles and 2 new women’s styles. New denim is not the only thing coming out of Kimes Ranch in 2021! Visitors to the showroom will get to see, touch and feel the latest fleece and tops, but they will also get to experience the launch of Kimes Ranch’s technical line. This technical line of clothing is built for the working person. Whether that’s the working cowboy, outdoor recreation, or sports enthusiast!


About WESA Trade Show

The Western & English Sales Association, best known as WESA was founded in 1921, and the first tradeshow was launched in January of 1922. The goal of WESA was to create a space where retailers, manufacturers and their sales representatives can conduct business. As the years have passed, The WESA trade show has seen record-breaking retail attendance and has become the go-to event for all manufacturers and retailers in both the Western & English markets. w


About Kimes Ranch

Founded in 2009, Kimes Ranch was created to fill a void in the marketplace. With a multi-generational Western history, Matt and Amanda Kimes’ desire was to create a company that produced great fitting, quality, long lasting jeans that walk the line between fashion-forward and Western friendly. The brand's catchy logo and even more attractive company culture and customer service have brought them a loyal following amongst their Western consumers. The classically inspired line of jeans has been featured in magazines including American Cowboy, Horse & Rider, Cowboys and Indians and Chrome Magazine. Staying true to its western roots, the jeans have been showcased on television shows such as Heartland, an Alberta based television show that has been running for 14 years and the hit Emmy nominated television series, Yellowstone, created and directed by Taylor Sheridan.


Kimes Ranch. Superior Fit. Classic Style. Western Uncomplicated.


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