get pointed in the right direction

Arrows, pulling you back for a second look and shooting you forward to the latest fashion trend. Late last year, I wrote an article about the native prints and accessories and one of the spin offs from that trend is arrows.

Appearing in leather work, jewelry and fun fabric prints, arrows point you in the right direction. Straight lines give a dynamic edge to accentuate curves  or to "line out" what you matters to you that day.

Even country music loves arrows. Kacey Musgraves song "Follow Your Arrow" has been a hit in the states. Her accessories and Nudie suits throughout the video rock arrows in all the right ways. Her style and sass in music could be a future topic of discussion in one of my articles. (Retro pin-up cowgirl rocks!)

Arrows have become a common symbol to get tattooed. It could be due to their simplicity or the symbolism behind them. Though it can vary from tribe to tribe (or geographical location), arrows can mean a variety of things.

For example, a single arrow can signify protection or defense, direction, force, movement, power, or indicate a direction of travel. An arrow pointed to the left wards off evil, to the right, protection, downward facing arrows signify peace. Crossed arrows are an indication of friendship while two different facing arrows symbolize war. Multiple arrows signal strength.

Check out some of my arrow related finds on the Kimes Ranch Pinterest page, and get  pointed in the right direction.

- Paige Morgan
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