Floating Horses - The Life Of Casey Tibbs One interview that I will never be able to forget

The Rodeo Industry, and bull riding industry this week had quite a few big events! For many Rodeo and bull riding contestants their summer runs are just now beginning! My favorite, time of the year is the summer run A.K.A Cowboy Christmas! Why?! Might you ask.. Well, because there is bull ridings and rodeos going on every single day of the week! Who doesn't love attending/working/riding in a rodeo every single day of the week? When you grow up in the western lifestyle you eat, sleep, and breathe the western way of life! In my opinion, there is no better way to live then the Western way of life!

Professional Bull Riding - Built Ford Tough Series

This past weekend the PBR BFTS stopped in Colorado Springs! The Colorado Springs event kind of had a festival format. They had Chase Rice, Dave Cowboy Band, and a few other new up and coming country bands perform! They had a 5K race going on for Rider Relief Fund and everyone's favorite drive in diner "Sonic" got involved with the fun as well! In my opinion - I think the festival format for PBR events are great! It helps build up the hype for the bull riding, and people get to learn about and meet the bull riders! Sounds like a good time, right? :)

Anyways.. Here are the winners that walked away with a new shiny PBR BFTS Colorado Springs belt buckle this weekend:

Round 1
Aaron Roy
88 Points on a Bull named Rusty


Round 2
Alexandre Cardozo, Bonner Bolton, J.B. Mauney
87.5 Points




Championship Round
Rubens Barboso
87.5 Points on a bull named Palm Springs

Congratulations to all of the Bull Riders that walked away this weekend with new Buckles, and a smile on their face! What better way to finish off your weekend with a win, and knowing you moved up in the standings! Right?!

PRCA Pro Rodeo Trail

One of the BIG PRCA events that happened this past weekend was the Guymon, Okla PRCA Rodeo! I haven't attended the event in Guymon yet. But - From what I heard it's a great place to kick start your summer run at! Check out the results below to see what PRCA Rodeo Contestants are starting their summer run with big wins:

All-Around -  Trevor Brazile, $2,849, tie-down roping, team roping and steer roping.
Bareback Riding - Ty Breuer, 87 points on Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo's Good Times Charlie, $3,359.
Steer Wrestling - Stan Branco, 13.9 seconds on three head, $2,919.
Team Roping - Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 20.0 seconds on three head, $2,886 each.
Saddle Bronc Riding - Taos Muncy, 88 points on Powder River Rodeo's Miss Chestnut, $3,562.
Tie-Down Roping -  Shane Hanchey, 24.8 seconds on three head, $2,984.
Barrel Racing - Shali Lord, 34.04 seconds on two head, $2,115.
Steer Roping - JoJo LeMond, 106.8 seconds on five head, $5,520.
Bull Riding -  Sage Kimzey on Lancaster & Pickett Pro Rodeo's Sam Crow, Chad German on Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo's Footloose and Trevor Kastner on Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo's Sazerac, 86 points, $2,983 each.

Not to mention - The Pro Rodeo Trail in Canada kicked off this past weekend in Drayton Valley, AB! Mike Solberg, the International Kimes Ranch Jeans Sponsorship winner competed at this event in the Bareback Riding! Mike finished 6th in the bareback riding with a tie with Kyle Bowers! Check out the Full Results from Drayton Valley, AB below:

Bareback Riding - Dusty Lavalley, 87.5 points on C+ Rodeo’s Strawberry, $1,276.
Steer Wrestling - Straws Milan, 4.0 seconds, $1,816.
Team Roping -  Murdock Keith/Riley Warren, 4.4 seconds, $1,319 each.
Saddle Bronc Riding - Justin Berg, 84.5 points on C+ Rodeo’s Casino Royal, $1,448.
Tie-Down Roping - Alwin Bouchard, 7.6 seconds, $1,708.
Barrel Racing -  Kirsty White, 13.798 seconds, $1,999.
Bull Riding - Travis Maguire, 87.5 points on Double Tree Rodeo's Crowbar, $1,490.

P.S. - Mike Solberg's next event on the PRCA Pro Rodeo Canada trail is Stavely, Ab May 7th - 9th! To find out more info about the Stavely, AB event. Check out the website below:

One interview, that I put down in the books this week was with the Family and crew of the film "Floating Horses - The Life Of Casey Tibbs". This interview I will never be able to forget and all of the wonderful conversations that we had. If you are a fan of Casey Tibbs, and love the bucking horse industry as much as I do.. Please, take a few minutes and check out my interview with the family and crew of the "Floating Horses - The Life Of Casey Tibbs" Movie below:

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