Finding Your Own Style

Tayler Bradley

With the new year beginning I decided to take a look back at what I have shared with y'all throughout 2019. As I was reading I shared a lot of things about my fashion and what I like or saw around me. I found myself saying "style or fashion is what you make it" but, I never really shared with y'all about ways to create your own style. So I figured the beginning of the year would be a perfect time to help share how I have created my style over the years and how it can help you create your own.


Let me start by saying I was not always the most stylish or had the most up to date fashion growing up and even into my first couple years of college. That all changed when I went to a whole new world in the south and saw all the amazing pieces that the ladies were wearing. So that is my first tip for creating style, take in those around you and feed off of their style to help with yours. You don't have create the exact same outfit but take bits and pieces from many different outfits to create one that fits you.


The next thing I do frequently is browse Pinterest. There is so much inspiration on there, y'all and it can help bring your style to a new level or to do something unique and different. I like to do this before big events that I am going to such as NFR or when I spend a week in Pendleton for the rodeo. It can help keep me organized and allows me to go back and look at something so I don't forget what it looks like.


The last thing that I do is to make sure I always follow my favorite people, brands and boutiques on Facebook or Instagram. This is a great way to find new pieces or take old ones to create new outfits. And as you follow these people and companies don't forget to try new things and step out of your comfort zones. I love this one because it really helps me look at things in a way I never would have thought of before. Just remember to not compare your style to theirs because everyone's is different.


So just so you dont forget, take in your surroundings, follow others on social media and browsing PInterest are my ways of creating my style and making it all me. I hope that y'all can go find some great inspiration and create a style that you love. It's a new year, so where will you take your style?

January 22, 2020

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