Crazy Corgi Lady

This is our first guest blogger.  Ruth Cloudt is the mother of Amanda Kimes.  Ruth has become known to many as “crazy corgi lady”, and she wears her title proudly.  Ruth takes her corgis to all the horse shows, and this is just a taste of life as the “crazy dog lady”.

I love my corgis, and I love showing horses.  Corgis and horse shows just go hand in hand.  I have been known to travel to the horse shows with as many as five or six dogs in tow!  I wear the name “crazy corgi lady” with pride.

Lets start with Sally, technically my daughter’s dog, but our first horse show corgi.  Her job was riding around in the golf cart with my husband.  He used to run several shows, and Sally was convinced he could not do his job without her.  Proudly perched on the seat next to him as he travelled around stomping out fires.

Next came Chester.  He was a big love.  His self appointed job was as the greeter at the barn. Smiling and wiggling his corgi butt to see who would pet him.  I think he might have thought he was guarding the tack room, but he was not very convincing.

Then there was Dallas.  We rescued Dallas when she was a little older.  She was the Grande Dame!  Her job was to sit in a chair in front of the Motorhome and look beautiful.  She was quite good at that.

Next came Liza and Crystal, the sisters.  Two more different souls have never been born.  

Crystals job was to help with the horse washing.  She did not believe I could get a horse from his stall to the wash rack without her heeling abilities.  Then once the water started, she had to bark and bite at the offending water spray.  My horses were used to it, but not sure the others appreciated the noise.  But it was what she lived for.  Although then having a muddy corgi in the Motorhome was never a joy.

Then Liza, sleeping was her job of choice.  Or, if not sleeping, you could find her at the food stand.  She is as big as a house, so that was where she preferred to hang out.  I considered hanging a “do not feed me” sign on her, but I didn’t want to spoil her fun.

We still have Liza and Crystal, and I have slowed down on the horse showing.  But they still love to load up and spend a fun day “barking” and “eating” at the horse show.  No better dogs to travel with to the horse shows than corgis.

What would be your dog of choice?



Liza, Chester and Crystal. Doing what they do best, napping.


Liza- The Lazy One

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