Chandler Winard

We at Kimes Ranch love and encourage our young blogging friends! 

Today, we are chatting with Chandler Winard.  Chandler is 15 and horse crazy!  She enjoys Reining, as well as all areas of the show pen.

Chandler is from Scottsdale, AZ and has been a longtime Kimes Ranch supporter.  We are so thrilled to have her as our guest on our blog, and hope you enjoy!


  1. Q) Chandler can you tell us some about some of your favorite horse products, and why you enjoy them?


  1. A) As equestrians we all know trying to find the perfect product can be a struggle, especially in the summer. I’m always trying to find ways to make my horses look and feel better! I have found some awesome products that really help my horses enjoy summer.


Fly’s are impossible to get rid of. Endure fly spray is great for repelling insects and fly’s, and can be used on horses with sensitive skin.


I have noticed that horses living in hot weather areas tend to have dull and dry coats. Equifuse is a great all around body treatment to use on your horses!


Also, supplements make a huge difference in a healthy horse. Platinum Performance is a great for any discipline and any lifestyle of horse. It improves the overall horse.


These are a few great products I have found that help my horses through the long hot summer!


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