5 Things You Didn’t Know About Working at Kimes Ranch

Kimes Ranch strives to be a leader in premium denim. We focus on quality raw products, classic silhouettes, and superior customer service. The focus isn’t just on a great jean but on a creating a culture and a team of people who appreciate excellent design, conversation and simplicity. I guess you could call us the Google of the western wear world.

  1. We’re dog friendly! At any day of the week there are anywhere from 3-10 dogs running the office.



  1. We have a chore chart. Everyone has a task, no janitors here! If you thought, you were off the hook once you left your mothers you were sadly mistaken.
  1. Everybody’s involved in customer service. We pride ourselves on truly being leaders in customer service. We read every email that comes through, yes every email. Nice, mean, questions, whatever comes through we take note of and respond to it in a timely, efficient and professional manner.
  1. We have random dance parties and YouTube video worm holes like everyone else. The most recent escapade started with a conversation about Footloose and Kevin Bacon…cue KK (Matt and Amanda’s daughter Katherine) and Matt dancing, KK kicking off her pink boots followed by twenty minutes of Googling Footloose, facts, location, etc. which then cycled into us watching Kevin Bacon on Jimmy Fallon. I promise work gets done!
  1. We have BBQ Wednesday’s! Who doesn’t love a good burger cooked on the BBQ. We used Wednesday’s as our BBQ day because it’s the least traveled day on everyone’s calendar.



Paige Morgan

March 28, 2016

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