2023 Kimes Ranch Western Derby Wrap-Up

Kimes Ranch has partnered with the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Western Derby to create the perfect combo - a historic, established industry teamed up with a brand rooted in the western legacy.

 From May 31 to June 10, there was little down time between the tough competition and entertaining youth events. “This is a great group of horses here,” said Al Dunning, a legendary, highly decorated western horseman. “They’re all here to show and try to win. I’ve judged this thing two years in a row and it was just incredible.”

   The event was held practically in the Kimes’ backyard, Westworld, a facility all too familiar and greatly loved by the cowhorse industry’s exhibitors. “I love this Derby because I love Scottsdale. The location is awesome, the weather has been really good, and the facility itself has been really accommodating because there are so many arenas, tons of places to ride, and lots of activities to be apart of,” exclaims Chelsea Edsall, the humorous wife of NRCHA Open professional, Clayton Edsall. 

   Even exhibitors native to Scottsdale continue to enjoy the facility time and time again. NRCHA professional, Marilyn Brandt, expressed her excitement for a show she enjoys so much. “I get so excited that it comes to Scottsdale because we live here. We are neighbors of the Kimes, right next door, so I love that we get to travel so little for such a big event. I’m a huge fan of Kimes so I think it’s great that they’re getting involved on a bigger scale and in a national level event like this.” 

   This is Kimes Ranch’s first time sponsoring the Western Derby event, and its exhibitors couldn’t be more thrilled that such a beloved brand is a part of such a favorited show. Tracer Gilson, an avid open competitor in the NRCHA, states “The event being in Scottsdale makes it extra special because it’s the place of the brand’s founding, it’s a hometown event for Kimes Ranch, and now they are the title sponsor.”  

   There is gratitude in Matt and Amanda’s roots within the industry. “I think Matt and Amanda’s brand being a part of this show has brought so much history and friendship into the atmosphere here,” said Stephanie Blair, wife of NRCHA professional Trent Pedersen. “They’ve made it a fun event for everyone, from the youth kids to the open riders. I also think it’s really cool that their roots are in this industry, which has helped make their business extremely successful here and beyond.” 

    All members of the Kimes family are involved in western competition, so it’s only right that they involve the rest of the NRCHA youth in all the fun! Kimes Ranch sponsored activities like a claw machine at their booth with the opportunity to win excellent prizes, the oh-so adorable costume leadline, a tricky egg and spoon obstacle course, hilarious horse pong, and messy kickball. “I love that Kimes is involved! I love their products, but also, look at Matt Kimes! He’s out there in one of the arenas pitching to all the youth kids in a game of “messy kickball!” laughs Chelsea Edsall. Kimes Ranch is certainly hands-on in this partnership with the NRCHA Western Derby.

   Needless to say, Kimes Ranch’s participation and dedication to such a big event to the cowhorse industry was invited in by exhibitors with open arms.


-Shea Gilson

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