2015 International Kimes Ranch Jeans Sponsorship Winner Is...

If you have been following Kimes Ranch Jeans on Social Media lately you would have seen the news about their International Sponsorship Contest! The International Sponsorship had folks from Brazil, Germany, and Canada! The contest ended on April 5th, and just recently they announced the winner! The Winner of the 2015 International Kimes Ranch Jeans Sponsorship contest is... (Drumroll Please) Mike Solberg!!! For those of you that are not familiar with Mike.. Mike is a Canadian Rodeo Cowboy that competes in the bareback riding event at rodeos all over in Canada on the pro circuit! Mike, is ALSO a Canadian Rancher and he's doing his part to keep the ranch industry alive. So, I decided to ask Mike Solberg a couple of questions about being apart of the Kimes Ranch Jeans team! Here is what he had to say:


RodeoChat: What's it like being apart of the KRJ team?


Mike Solberg: So far it's been an honor to have them behind me for the 2015 season, it's so exciting to be able to promote their clothing line in Canada. We've been planning to meet up at the Mane Event in Red Deer, Alberta. Hopefully I get to meet the whole crew at Kimes, and get to know everyone!


RodeoChat: When you found out you won the KRJ international sponsorship contest what was your reaction?


Mike Solberg: When I found out I won, I nearly lost it! When I seen the votes had been taken off the website, my hair on my neck started to stand on end, and I was a nervous wreck until I found out the results. Then I was sending everyone texts with the instagram image they had put on twitter, and saying thank you for the support, I had to wait until way later that evening to facetime my wife, because she was in Paris, I absolutely couldn't wait to tell her, I think she was more excited than I was when I finally got a hold of her! I still can't believe that its happening! It's going to be exciting what the next few months have in store, I'm really looking forward to being a part of Kimes Ranch.


RodeoChat: How do you plan on building up KRJ in the Canadian Rodeo industry?

Mike Solberg: I'd like to show guys who ranch and rodeo, that kimes has jeans that are more durable, and stylish than what their normal everyday pants are. There's only a select few places that carry them up here, and I'd like to help promote them at rodeos and other events, and show people that I stand behind their product, and being both a rodeo cowboy and ranching cowboy, I think it will help promote it in both areas. Whether it be doctoring calves in the pasture, riding buckin horses, or a night on the town, I'd like Canadians to know that Kimes has you covered.


If you would like to keep up with Mike down the rodeo trail this summer. You can follow Mike on Twitter by clicking the link here -- > https://twitter.com/Cowboylumberjak


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