Sereena Thompson

Tell us about yourself!

Hey, I'm Sereena: Blogger, DYI Guru, 4th generation rancher, and Aspiring homesteader with an orphan goat named Hank. My family and I (Husband Nate, son Wyatt, and daughter Grace) live in my small hometown of less than 500 in Southern Oregon. As a mom, I wear many hats around these parts; Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Homeschool teacher just to name a few. We live in the middle of nowhere, our days are spent helping on the family ranch and building a self-sustainable homestead and we absolutely love it! I mean it takes us an hour's drive over the mountain and through the woods (lol) just to get to a grocery store. Aside from my family, the ranch, and our homestead, I am a multi passionate entrepreneur who absolutely loves content creation. I also love to learn so I am always taking new courses to allow me to better myself for the brands I work with. I am currently taking Five Marys Affiliate and Influencer course. Feel free to check out my website as well

Why do you want to be a part of the Kimes Ranch Family?

Well because Kimes is awesome! But really I only represent companies that 1. I truly believe in and love or 2. Companies that inspire me and have a product that I am truly interested in. No teeth whitening mumbo jumbo for $ over here lol. I have admired Kimes for a while now and love the stance you have and how you portray the brand. I honestly don't know who wouldn't want to be a part of Kimes :)

What are your goals for 2022 with this sponsorship?

My goals for this sponsorship would be to carry out the Kimes Ranch name in the best way possible. Both by honoring your wishes and wants via a contract as well as putting my own unique and creative spin on any content creation. I would also love to create lots of "in the moment" and "non-staged" content, show yours and my followers what days on the ranch/homestead are really like. People love peaking into real lives and I know I could bring that aspect flawlessly into Kimes Ranch.

Facebook: sageandpinehomestead Instagram: @sereenarthompson Pinterest: sageandpinehomestead