Family - Blog Manager/Marketing Assistant

Emily Bomgardner

Blog Manager/Marketing Assistant


Credentials: B.S. in Animal Science and Business Management & Master of Business Administration both from The University of Findlay


Facebook: Emily Bomgardner

Instagram: @yeehaw_mcgee

Hometown: Newcastle, California 


About Me: I have been a part of the equine industry for almost 15 years through showing horses. I have shown in a variety of events including dressage, hunter-jumpers, rodeo, western pleasure, horsemanship and in college I started showing in the reining and ranch horse events. I studied at The University of Findlay where I was member of the UF Ranch Horse team. I began working with Kimes Ranch in 2015, shortly after graduating from college. During the day you will find me glued to my laptop or phone working away, and during the night time I am a clinical supervisor at a veterinary ER. Needless to say, spare time is not a word in my vocabulary, but I wouldn’t change any of it! In addition to two full-time jobs, I have a steadily growing herd of show horses, along with a menagerie of hobby-farm animals (pigs, chickens, etc). My hobbies generally include things that every equestrian spends their time doing such as riding, & cleaning stalls; however, outside of this, anything that I can do with my dogs is high priority!  


Why Kimes: Because I believe in the products, and I believe in my team. In 2015, I began as a resident blogger with Kimes Ranch and my duties have grown from there. It was really a fluke that I even applied as a blogger, but I was a little lost in post-grad life and it seemed like something that could be a fun side-hustle. Little did I know, I would fall in love with the products, people and culture like I have. I love that I have been here to watch the company grow as I have been over the last few years. But most importantly for me, I love the people I work with and the adventures that Kimes Ranch has taken me on!


My Job: I manage all of our bloggers, and the social media content that surrounds that. But really, my day-to-day is never the same as my job duties include everything and anything that is thrown my way. One day I will be responding to Facebook messages, the next I might be making changes to our website and the next day you might find me working in one of our booths! I love being a part of the different aspects of Kimes Ranch as I feel it allows me to connect with our Kimes Ranch community and be able to support the team that works in the home office in any way I can. I love the flexibility of my career, as I can work when the world is sleeping and play during the day when the world is working! One of my favorite aspects of my job is making people genuinely happy. I believe that if you look good, you feel good and in-turn, good things come your way. And last but not least, I can also work from anywhere, as I am a remote member of the team. This means I have worked from Europe, from the California Coast, but generally from my home. If I had to pick my best attributes, I think my ability to multi-task and the ability to go with the flow would have to be my best attributes. Life is hectic (especially mine) and it never goes as planned, being able to be the calm in the storm, can bring peace and focus to the team.


My Values: Some of my most important values are compassion and understanding for those around me. While we are not perfect people, I do my best to be understanding of those in different situations. I am most passionate about growth in my professional life. I never imagined I would be working in a marketing position when I graduated college, but I would not trade a single minute of my time with Kimes Ranch. I am always open to taking on new projects or doing the seemingly simple things like working in the warehouse during busy seasons. But all of these experiences have helped me grow both professionally and personally. 


Favorite Kimes Ranch Product: I would have to say the Betty. She gives me a “Betty-Booty”, which is always appreciated because I was not blessed with one at birth! She cleans up for a night out, and she has held up on my wildest adventures! My first pair is almost 5 years old, and still is in the daily rotation to this day!