Katie Kepler

Tell us about yourself!
Hello!! Im Katie, I am a graphic designer, small shop owner, western lifestyle content creator, host of the Call Me Cowboy Podcast, wanna be comedian, lover of life, and a major horse girl! Im 24 and have been married for five years (I know crazy)! My husband is a police officer and team roper and together we have 3 horses that we run around Arizona to ropings! I started my instagram as a place to document our lives for my own sake. However. my edits, art, vlogs, and ability to show up everyday authentically gained some traction and I now have a small following of amazing people who keep up with my wayward life. I love creating the things I wish I saw in the western industry. I like blending the vibes of the west coast skate brands I grew up seeing everywhere in AZ, with the punchy ranch aesthetic that is super popular right now. Through sharing my life, my art, and most importantly my heart unapologetically I have found a community of women who resonate with what I post. I love to read, write, draw, design, ride, talk, connect with people, but mostly I just love making people happy. I truly believe the only reason I was put on this planet was to put a smile on the faces of others. I like to make people feel seen, worthy of their dreams, and unafraid to show their true selves everyday. I think we are all our happiest when we get to be 100% ourselves and I try to lead by example by doing just that. I love entertaining people through humor and will stop at nothing to make people laugh, including sharing myself regardless of how I look and posting things other people would be too scared to (photos included for example HAHAHA). At the end of the day I try to share things that make people smile and inspire them to go out and be themselves.

Why do you want to be a part of the Kimes Ranch Family?

I grew up in Arizona and this state is the village that raised me. My favorite thing about Kimes is that they make the most comfortable jeans on earth, but my 2nd favorite thing is that they are based out of Arizona. We have recently seen a burst of winter visitors and attention thanks to Ty Yost and the sport of team roping. I deeply believe that AZ is only just beginning to grow a western scene and It is going to continue to explode in the coming years. I think Kimes is a brand that has helped set the foundation for Arizona based western brands and for that I am very grateful. I would love to be a part of a brand that not only has amazing products I already love, but also comes from my home state.

What are your goals for 2022 with this sponsorship?

In 2022 I would really like to continue to grow my personal brand. I recently started making short form vlog content on tiktok and instagram and I would like to continue that. The western industry has only just begun to grow an online community and I would like to cement myself as a creator in that space. As it stands right now there are a lot of fashion creators, but there aren't many vloggers or rodeo lifestyle creators and I would like to be one of the first. I want to continue making vlogs that make people laugh and share the western lifestyle. I would like to grow my shop and try to get some of my designs on bigger platforms than just my own etsy, possibly by collaborating with larger brands or beginning to wholesale my items. This sponsorship would be my first ever and it would not only legitimize me as a creator, but put me in front of an even bigger audience and help my many endeavors in this industry grow. I would really like to be a voice for other young women in this industry and through working with brands like Kimes and meeting other people in this industry I believe I can do that.

Instagram: @lifewayward TikTok: @lifewayward