Family - Garrett Cooper—General Sales Manager

Hometown: Cave Creek, Arizona

Current Residence: Scottsdale, Arizona


About Me: With my mother being a talented horsewoman with many accolades, I like to say that I was born into the horse industry, I was on a horse before I learned to walk. As a kid, I showed in the reining, roping, and the cow horse. Born and raised in the horse world in Arizona, there was always a circle of youth kids. Some of us were neighbors or we hung out at the shows together, it was basically just one big family. This is where I built a relationship with Matt and Amanda, looking back on it, it is crazy to see how far we have all come. The horse industry has also led me to many opportunities, all of which I am very grateful of. While I no longer show horses, I can still be found at horse shows, managing the Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Showing horses has led me to many lifelong friendships, including my wife, Fallon. In 2011, I married my best friend and together we have two boys; Connor and Keagan. Living in Arizona, I developed a bit of a golf addiction because we have perfect weather to golf in year-round. Sometimes I will even grab a putter and practice my birdie putts from across the office. This is something that I not only love to do, but it also allows me to spend quality time with my boys.


Why Kimes/My Job:

In 2015, I was lucky enough to find a career where I could incorporate my love for the western world and that was at Kimes Ranch. When I heard about Matt and Amanda’s dream to create a jean versatile enough to crossover from western to everyday wear, I was immediately on board. I never doubted them but I never imagined the company that we continue to grow into.

With my background in the horse industry, I was able to start going to my contacts and share our quality product with them. Today, I am the general sales manager and can honestly say I love my job. Every day I come into the office excited to see how I can share my love of Kimes Ranch with the customers. The customers wants are what drive production and I enjoy seeing how we can cater to their requests. My favorite part of my job is seeing ideas be transformed into product that become staples to the brand, whether its denim, apparel or caps.



My Values: The thing that I like so much about being a part of the Kimes Ranch team, is the values that we follow. Although cliché, hard work has always been something that I pride myself on and as a father of two little boys, I believe that it is very important for them to learn this. Every day I try my hardest to put out meaningful work whether it’s being a father and husband, providing the customer with the best quality product, or going through every day simply trying to be better than I was yesterday. Another value that coincides with the values of Kimes Ranch is putting family first. When I am not on the job, I can be found on the golf course spending quality time with my boys. While I truly believe in family over everything, I consider everyone at Kimes Ranch to be my family.


Favorite Kimes Ranch Product: As far as denim goes, James is my go-to style. I also enjoy the Skink jacket for when we have some cool Arizona nights and the Santiago denim shirt for a night out in Cave Creek. Oh and when I am on the golf course, you can will always catch me sporting a Kimes Ranch cap.