Success is something we're all chasing. We're all just trying to make it big at something, aren't we?  Me, I'm a teacher, a coach, barrel racer, marketing specialist, farmer and self-proclaimed fashionista! I just want to enjoy everything I put effort in to and I want to succeed at it all!



I've always admired women who have jumped out there and taken risks to get what they want out of life, and I've learned through my own trials that CONFIDENCE IS KEY! Be confident in yourself and your abilities, and value those around you that support your accomplishments and push you to be your best! 


You know what makes me happier than just about anything else? Seeing gorgeous, confident women who could belittle every other woman they know and point out all the negatives you can imagine... but they DON'T! I feel like the Western World, especially is full of some of the most outstanding women on the planet and the most beautiful thing is... we all are here to cheer each other on and build each other up!


For instance, here I am in these photos wearing THE most flattering, comfortable and fashionable jeans I've worn. Kimes Ranch "Betty's” Know why?  Because several months back at a Barrel Race I saw this drop dead gorgeous Cowgirl in the cutest jeans ever! Sure, I could've been envious or jealous of her beauty and her awesome skills in the arena and she could have turned her nose up at me, but instead here's what happened... I walked (well rode) up to a perfect stranger and said "Hey girl! I love those jeans!" Conversation sparked, she told me about her jeans (Kimes Ranch Jeans), we talked horses, cattle, mutual acquaintances, and most of all our shared love for Western Fashion! Later on, I cheered for her run, she cheered for mine and we've been rooting each other on ever since! In not only the arena but in everyday life!


In today's world, competition is everywhere! Especially social media..

How many likes, followers, friends, shares, whatever. We should each strive to be the one who brings confidence and encouragement to everyone we meet. We need to remember to step out of our comfort zone, speak up and let someone know their beauty and their worth. Because... you can always tell who the strongest women are... they're the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down. You will also find, especially in this wonderful western world of ours that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back! So, get out there, chase your dreams and know there are women just like you shouting from the sidelines... "You go girl!"


Pieces from this look courtesy of: 

Jeans: Kimes Ranch Betty
Top:  Kimes Ranch logo t-shirt
Hat: Kimes Ranch Felt Good Hat


-Bailey Marks

October 19, 2017


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