The Run For A Million 2023 Wrap-Up

    The Run For A Million is the richest reining event in history, and it once again proved to be a major draw-in for fans and competitors alike. The event was held at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it attracted a record crowd. 

    After the busy move-in day, the action started with the non-professional reining events, the  Bloomer Trailers Rookie Championship and NonPro Championship. The competition didn't stop at the sport of reining; This event also featured a number of other events, including the $200,000 Cow Horse Challenge, the $150,000 Added Open Shootout, and the $50,000 Bull Fighters Only Fight For $50,000. 

    Friday was a big hit, as the Open Shootout presented excellence with our newest member, Luca Fappani, making the Top 10 atop Dream On Whiz. Matt Mills rose to 11th place with a big score on Guns And Dynamite, and our friends, Martin Muehlstaetter and Trevor Dare both had Top 20 runs. In the Cow Horse Challenge on Friday night,, some #KRJFamily members surely showed off. Clayton Edsall made the Top 5 aboard Bet He Sparks, while the power couple, Chris and Sarah Dawson, tied each other with a pair of pretty rides. 

    A fierce performance of 16 of the top reiners in the world ended the event on Saturday night in the Run For A Million Competition. It was apparent from start to finish that everyone who made it was in it to win it. Two of our endorsees dominated in the Million Dollar event, as Muehlstaetter finished Top 5 on Sassy Son Ofa Gun, and Dare rode Jersey’s Baby Driver to an 11th place triumph. 

    The Run For A Million is a celebration of the performance horse, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the athletes who compete in it. It is a victory to make it to such an event, and the success of our #KRJFamily members is a reminder that anything is possible, and it is an inspiration to riders of all levels.


-Shea Gilson

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