The Jennifer

The Jennifer is ultimately my favorite Kimes Ranch Jean! Ladies, if you are looking for the perfect high rise flare that complements your curves, look no further. Being a curvy girl myself, I can assure you that the Jennifer will complement and slim your hips, while elongating your legs with their perfect vintage flare. Obsessed is an understatement! When I first got these jeans I think I wore them for two weeks straight because I loved them so much. With that said, let’s chat a little about how I styled my Jennifers.


This first look is more of an everyday casual outfit. I threw on a Kimes Tee tied up right about where the top of the jeans hit to create a slimming effect. Since I am on shorter side, I did throw on a pair of wedged booties, and to top off the look I added a distressed red banana tied around my neck. I love this outfit because it is simple enough to wear out and about, but can also be dressed up by adding a blazer. Accent pieces are your best friend when it comes to simple outfits like this so have fun with it. 


This next outfit screams Vegas! I accented my Jennifers with a cute pearl embellished sheer top. This outfit was already super cute, but needed a little more spice, so of course I added turquoise! A simple necklace and my favorite turquoise concho belt brought this outfit to life. Personally, I like to top off my Vegas outfits with a really cool hat. Vegas inspired outfits are meant to showcase your originality, so don’t be afraid to be creative-where else are you allowed to be outrageous and get away with it?




This last look is my classic twist on the Jennifers.  I found this beautiful rust colored free people bodysuit that I have been dying to pair with a high waisted jean and the Jennifers made the cut!  With this being such a beautiful top I didn’t want to take away from the color by adding too many accessories so I kept it simple but added a western flair with a stunning squash and a fall colored hat. This is an outfit is literally perfect for any occasion!




The best thing about all of the Kimes Ranch Jeans is that they are so versatile! Not only can you dress every style up to wear to work or out on the town, they are also perfect to ride in! Just the other day I wore my Jennifers to work and then just changed my top, threw on some boots, and rode in them. The quality of jean Kimes produces is ridiculous, and if you haven’t jumped on the band wagon yet, I think it’s time to make an investment in your wardrobe’s future. 


Stay Golden, 

Sami Jo Sartin

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