The Arena

By: TR Frost

The arena is the place where a cowgirl’s heart does a swing dance. There is no place that compares to the joy received when a cowgirl rides in the arena. The preparation is fifty percent mental and fifty percent physical. Like anything we do, we must prepare. Regardless of victory or defeat, in the arena or in life, preparation is key.


As the sun rises in the morning chill of a new day, this bright light means it’s time to feed. Taking care of my horses comes first and last every single day. The horses eat before anyone else. As rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, our horses are our partners in the arena. You can’t perform in the arena if your partner is sick or hurt. We have to take care of our partner. Every morning and every night my horses are fed and grained. Every six weeks they get their toes trimmed and new shoes, I call this a pedicure! It sounds so fabulous when you say my horse got a pedicure today.


The horses have been exercised, and we are prepared for the day, to ride in the arena and let faith lead our way. With horses brushed, saddled, and nerves in check, we are ready to take this ride. I take a brief moment to ask a prayer from the Lord above that he will protect us both as we compete in the sport that I love. The arena is the place where a cowgirl’s heart does a swing dance. We work together in many different events; barrel racing, pole bending, team roping, goat tying and even breakaway. I can’t even imagine what I would do if my parents had not provided me this opportunity to be a rodeo cowgirl each and every day. I cannot put into words the way I really feel when I am horseback, amazing no, breathtaking not quite, all consuming maybe, but if will be the ride of my life. Each day is a blessing provided by our one and only Savior. We are blessed with opportunity to sit in the saddle, made of leather by another person who shares a passion for the western way of life.  Today is the start of a new song, the dance maybe the same, but today, together we will work out a few kinks maybe add a few steps until that perfect moment comes, and they cut me the winning check! It’s rodeo time.



March 11, 2017

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